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When I was in the classroom, the single most frustrating thing I encountered was the number of hours I had to spend looking for materials for my classroom. I spent hours finding resources, piecing them together in addition to the money I spent on all of the crafts and activities for my kids. In 2012, I made the decision to return  to graduate school to learn more about curriculum development so that I could help teachers (and their students J ) in the same situation. I absolutely love my program and all that I have learned to positively help teachers and their classrooms.

In this time, I have learned that I absolutely love making resources for teachers. It is my passion and my calling. I love making a teachers job easier so that they can have more time to work with students and helping them to achieve their goals. Although I have been serving in this role for the past two years, this is my first foray into helping students across the country with Teachers Pay Teachers and the Teachers Notebook. 

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