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Trick or Treat Blog Hop

  So happy to link up with Rachael Parlett at the Classroom Game Nook Blog! Halloween comes during my favorite time of the year and I am so happy to share these tricks and treats with you!

Currently October: Lovin' Life

Hi Teacher Friends!
So glad it's October! The nip in the air, changing color of the leaves, and of course, ME! because it's my birthday month :)

Today, I am linking up with Oh Boy Farley!

1. I am listening and loving, loving, loving Spotify. My favorite playlist is Lush Atmospheric. I am so incredibly productive when listening to this playlist, my favorite song being "In Time" by FKA Twigs. I absolutely love that song! Twice a day at least on repeat lol.

2. I am also loving surrounding myself with positivity! I have been reading, meditating, and praying about my purpose in life and my place within this world. I have already seen some AMAZING results from being positive in both my work, my relationships, and my business. I am being tremendously blessed and I must attribute this to my focus on gratitude, belief in abundance, and a plan that is bigger than myself.

3. I am thinking as a result of my positivity and belief in abundance that I must treat and take care of myself better. I work really hard and often neglect to make myself #1. I often forgo doing nice things for myself and that ends immediately. I have set up a schedule to get my hair and nails done regularly and a regular clothing budget that I MUST spend every month. Last week, I got my nails done (Pedicure was perfect but the gel nails came off three fingers FOUR days later! URGHHH!) (I took a deep breath and had to shrug it off, After, all it could have been all of them lol) and today, I got my hair did. Yes, did. See the BOO-tiful section for evidence lol. 

4. I am also wanting to see the Avengers Age of Ultron movie. A little fact about me is that I will always wait to see a movie or show. I will not watch a show for the whole season, just so I can binge watch it all at once. I mean, I have work to do. I cannot be addicted to my TV and a watching schedule. Anyhoo, I have been watching Captain America: Winter Soldier on REPEAT on Encore in the mean time. My husband hates it but I love action movies. I think I have seen it 50 times. He sees it on, sighs, shakes his head, and heads downstairs to watch more football lol. He will probbaly feel the same way once I get the Avengers movie from Redbox. 24 Hours of the Avengers lol. I will owe him big. 

5. I am thinking what I want for my birthday, It's the big 29 and last year in my 20s. Hubs keeps asking me to write a list of things I want so he can then choose and "surprise" me with them. I really only NEED perfume. I have really been blessed in the past couple of months from my family, the wedding, raises at work, growth in Knowledge Mobile, and creating my consulting business. I really just want to continue to be thankful and grateful for those blessings and all that is in store for us. 

6. BOO-tiful......Me!

I have been wanting to dye my hair burgundy for the longest time and I finally took the plunge today. It's a violet red that is different colors in different lights. I love, love, love it. I feel like it is fitting big girl hair lol. 
See! Much less red here! 
Hubs loves it :). 
At least that's what I made him say after asking him a hundred times lol. 

I hope you have a wonderfully happy, healthy, and harmonious October!


Tips for Coaching Teachers

Practical tips for helping new teachers organize and get ready for classroom instruction

Hi Teacher Friends!
Want to try your hand at coaching? I have been working at developing the content and coaching that I share with teachers. So far this year, I have worked with 10 teachers individually to support their classrooms and trained 45 new teachers through my summer training work. Coaching/helping teachers is my true passion. In my new vision board, I outlined my vision of being a full time teacher coach/TPTer #dreamjob!

In that time, I have learned a bit about problem solving and trouble shooting with teachers. The tips below have helped me to be more purposeful and strategic when working with a new teachers and their needs. 

You Oughta Know: Classroom Library Cards

Hi Teacher Friends! So glad you are stopping by on this fabulous blog hop hosted by the wonderful Jasmine McClain from Buzzin with Mrs. McClain. This month, I thought you oughta know about setting up a classroom library.

Where have I been?

I was getting married!

This summer has been a true whirlwind! I worked all summer training new teachers, attended the TPT conference in Vegas, got married, honeymooned in Jamaica, and then returned to an office move and job transition! Whooo! I am glad to finally be a Mrs. and back to focusing on my other love, creation and helping teachers :)


Top Ten Reasons I Became a Teacher

Linking up with Terry's Teaching Tidbits  for Top 10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

10. Make a difference before there was a problem
In college,  I majored in political science, sociology, and international studies with the aim of becoming an international attorney (whatever that is). I really was focusing on it because it sounded good and from a young age, people told me I was smart, so therefore,  I should be a lawyer. I was working in Chicago on an internship was struck by how all the work I was doing was focused on helping people after the fact. They were already in trouble by the time I could help them. Even though that is important, I really didn't derive a lot of joy from arguing and helping people after the fact. I really wanted to make sure they had great lives and avoided legal issues all together.

9. I had a way to become a teacher
My junior year of college, I learned about Teach for America. I was intrigued because it provided an alternative route to become a teacher. Without this program, I don't believe I would have come into teaching at the elementary level. At the time, I had an offer to pursue a sociology PhD program. I might have gone on to teach at a university, but not elementary, which is my jam :)

8. Give me real life experience
I was torn between the PhD program and Teach For America. I honestly didn't feel comfortable writing and researching society when I hadn't even paid any rent, and had come from a comfortable lifestyle. I knew I needed more life experience and nothing is more real than teaching.

7. To be a mentor/role model
Growing up, I was always felt a desire to help my people. It always bothered me to read statistics about Black people and see they were always at the bottom of all statistics and measures. I came from a two parent home with college educated parents who enjoyed reading and having discussions. I had

6. Join a network of teachers
I really appreciated joining Teach for America because of the network and support I would receive during the training. I was placed in the Mississippi Delta region, where schools are very far between and it was nice to be able to feel like a part of a bigger network, with a lot of resources to help support me in being a teacher.

5. I come from a family of teachers
My grandmother was a teacher in Manning, S.C. I was always proud of being her granddaughter and of her accomplishments. She received her Masters in Education back in the 1950s and was the assistant principal in her school. I just loved her so much and loved going to her house. Her sisters were teachers as well and Aunt Debbie, my mother's sister, is a first grade teacher in North Carolina. Guess teaching and education is in my blood :)

4. I love learning
I have always loved learning. In elementary school, instead of playing outside like a normal kid, I would go to the librarian and help her put the books back on the shelves. When I finished, I would read books under the tables. I just plain love school. Teaching is like being in school forever, but much more fun.

3. I love teaching others
I was always helping others to learn or work on products. I tutored elementary students while I was in high school and mentored a group of girls through my sorority. I love seeing the light bulb go on and knowing that I made a difference in someone's life.

2. To make fun and creative activities
I love creating things! Cute things! I love the creativity that teaching brings. I get so much joy and enthusiasm from the material, lessons, and the kids. Creating and helping others learn is my happy place :)

1. The kids
I love their faces, their hugs, and their spirits. They just make me happy!

Why did you become a teacher?




I have been so busy this summer between my summer job, the TPT conference, and the wedding planning. I had to take a break from blogging. I literally did not have the time or energy to keep up with my posting schedule. The funny thing is, when I went to Vegas, one of my followers noticed I hadn't written anything in a while and I was really floored by that. I know the purpose of this blog is to help teachers by keeping knowledge mobile so their lives will be easier. It was really affirming to know that people read my blog and the information I want to share.

So exactly a week ago, I was in Las Vegas for the first time in my life with my honey. It was his first trip too. We left Papaya in Atlanta with grandmommy and left Wednesday night. The crazy thing about that day was that I had a full day of work beforehand. I had observations, a session to present, and a final debrief of my performance over the summer. I then had to go home, finish packing, and leave before 5:30 to get to the airport on time. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind. 

Day 1:

I was nervous that I was going to the conference by myself. Honey was there, but he was wandering up and down the strip while I was in sessions. I knew a few people from the Nashville Blogger Meet Up but I wasn't sure who was going to be there.

Well, deep breath! I went and picked up my badge and loved how they included my store log on the badge. 

At the registration desk, we got lovely TPT swag. 
I loved the mug even though I don't (gasp) drink coffee. I think it will make a nice pencil/pen holder for my new office. I really loved the journal. I have lots of ideas and master plans to place inside of that journal :)

There was also this giant board of different information and activities that we could do. 
After the registration desk, there were several meetups and man, they were LOUD! It really was overwhelming

Below is the table of business cards that everyone brought to exchange. Mine we super simple. but I took a couple of cute and eye-catching ones to see if it wouldn't help my design for next year. 

The Welcome Session

Everything kicked off with a speech from Adam Freed, the CEO of TPT, and he shared the key points of the conference and had us set personal goals for the conference. 

My Personal Goals
  • Learn strategies to improve
    • My store
    • My blog
    • My creations
    • My content
The whole purpose of going was to stretch myself and my skills. Adam brought up so many good points on the importance of data and surveys and how to think about the needs of teachers. It really made me think about how I would support teachers this coming year and what would be the result of those relationships. I am planning to create a survey sheet for their needs, how they want to be supported, and their personal goals for the year. I truly love helping teachers and this was a clear way to do so. 

One of the fun elements of the opening is that we (the audience) got to choose the title for Amy. 

She is know the Director of Seller Happiness, and I couldn't agree more. I love going on the forums and learning, and she is always there to regulate and share pertinent knowledge with all of us. I couldn't think of a better title :)

Session 1: Master the Inner Game of TPT - Laura Candler

I was so glad that I had started with this session. This session was rooted in mindset and the power of the Law of Attraction. I have read about the Law of Attraction before and have applied some of the principles to my life, but it was so wonderful to start the conference off on this note. I was able to focus on what I needed and the steps I would have to take to get there. Laura Candler shared many of the books and resources she applies in her own life. 

During the session, she shared how important the thoughts we have in the outcomes we are working towards. We talked about the definition of success, how to avoid the comparison trap (a very real issue for me), limiting beliefs, and how to ask questions that will drive your business forward. I really appreciated her insight and perspective of the thinking that make you successful.

Session 2: Collaboration Panel

I really enjoyed the collaboration panel for all the tips about working with others. TPT'ing can be very isolating and lonely so I am always looking for opportunities to work with other people.
Below are some of the tips:

  • ask buyers to share photos
  • set time frames for collaboration and set an out for yourself
  • pin two months before the holiday
  • pin on Sunday mornings
This session was super practical and encouraged sellers to work together and the idea of coopetition, which means cooperate and competition. Instead of just worrying about yourself, how are you working with others to help more teachers and provide more solutions. It really embodied the conference's theme of come together, go further. 
Cards for all that future collaboration!
Session 3: Advanced Marketing

All hail the pin and it's ability to change people's lives. lol. I learned a lot about how to structure and market for sellers usage. I even got up the courage to ask a question about watermarking. I have been adding my own watermarks by hand so I wanted to know if there was a real way to place the image on the pictures without me doing each one on my computer. I learned that the IWatermark app is know for android so I went ahead for the download :). It cost 1.99 but it was well worth it. 

The panelists were funny and approachable. They talked about starting email lists, finding your tribe and your group of buyers, and the importance of joining a mastermind group, which is a SMALL committed group who come together to support each other in their journeys. I am planning to start my own local mastermind group later in August, so I am excited for that!

Day 2:

Session 1: Fix Your Brand and Take Your Store to the Next Level

This panel was so funny! The Science Penguin, Teaching with a Mountain View, and Blair Turner were hilarious and so real. One of the most insightful things I learned was to think about those who enjoy my creations and what else they might enjoy. Blair outlined her customer and found that it was her. She started thinking about what other things/projects they might like to take on as well and it was super insightful.

Session 2: Did I Really Just Sell THAT? Improving our products with a critical eye. 

The highlight of the day was meeting Deanna Jump. 
She is so tiny! She was so warm and funny too!

My mother first told me about TPT back in 2012 when I was still in the classroom. I opened a store and listed my first products in 2013, but didn't fully start selling until August 2014, after the birth of my daughter. I was on maternity leave, going a bit stir crazy, and had a huge project to finish at work before the school year started. I listed my first Fry Words activities and haven't look back. Just like everyone else, I just wish I had started sooner, or rather, took the courage and made the leap. Deanna's story for me, like so many others, was the first step.

I loved her session with Deedee Willis. It made me think of some of my first creations and updates that would be needed to best support teachers.

Session 3: Love the Customer: Community, Products, and Brand with Created for Learning

This session really focused on the consumer and ensuring they have an experience with you. It was about being super responsive to them and their needs through your replies, interactions, and reactions to negative feedback. They too focused on the need for tribes. I felt it was the first session I had attended that truly focused on the customer, rather than the products or marketing. They gave very specific tips for interacting with customers and answering their questions.

Session 4: From Teacher to Teacherpreneur with Erin Cobb from Lovin' Lit

Amazing session! I really appreciated everything she had to say about managing your time and the approaches you have to take to be successful. I loved her method for organizing and scheduling her work time, the importance of a proper desk, and not letting distractions stop you from creating. While other sessions talked about the importance of marketing, her session really reinforced the importance of creating with specific goals and deadlines for yourself.

The best part was this lovely planner and resources she has for helping us to get organized and focused. It is really helping to keep TPT separate and for me to create more of a balance of TPT. Instead of procrastinating for 5 hours every night, trying to get something done, I block of times to work. I have been going to the local library and just working for 3 hours. That way, when I get home, I can just focus on my family and not feel the tension of when am I going to create. 

This was such a great session to end with! From starting with mindset and the Law of Attraction from Laura Candler to having this concrete resource from Erin Cobb, I truly felt and continue to feel blessed by all of this opportunity. I can feel big things in motion my life propelling me towards my purpose.

Food recommendations:

1. Fiamma inside of MGM

I loved the lasagna bolgonese and my honey loved his chicken and mushrooms. I knew this place was super swank because the drink menu was an actual iPad. That was my first time seeing that so I was super impressed. The regular menu was also so luxurious, it almost looked and felt like a purse I have in the closet. It was super packed because of the UFC fight that night. It was cool to see the fighters and the crowd, so it was a great night.

2. I Heart Burgers

Best burger I ever had (and it wasn't even mine!).

The burgers are a bit pricey ($20) each. I ordered sliders with quail eggs and my honey ordered the BBQ burger.

OMGoodness!!! That BBQ burger is one of the best things I ever ate. It was so good!

3. The Chandelier in the Cosmopolitan 

So pretty! I had my first Cosmo there and it was delicious. I really loved the ambiance and feel of the venue. Would definitely go back.

4. Daiquiri Shop by the Paris Hotel

Loved it and the $6 refills if you kept the cup. You may feel stupid carrying an empty cup all over Vegas, but the Coral Crush was worth it :).

Overall Reflection:

I really loved the conference. Even though I haven't been on TPT long, I really love this community and the opportunity it represents in the world. I met so many people that I had interacted with online and it was so nice to get to know them in person.

While it totally wiped out my earnings, it was essential to my development and my creation process. I learned a lot about myself, business, networking, and innovation. I loved it and can't wait to go back!


Teacher Feature Tuesday with Jasmine McClain from Buzzing with Mrs. McClain

Happy Tuesday! For all my Nashville friends, should be happier now that there are 3 full days left of school! Sad that another year has come to an end, but happy it's Tuesday and time to feature an amazing educator. :)

This week's Teacher Feature Tuesday is 
Jasmine McClain from 

She is the genius behind the monthly You Oughta Know link up. Each month she has a great group of educators who share their best tips and ideas about teaching. I have participated twice now and I really enjoy reading and learning from others in the classroom. 

How long have you been TPT'ing?

Since 2011

What is your most helpful advice for new TPT'ers?

My advice for new TPTers is to set goals that you want to reach, but don't compare your goals to what others' are doing. I've been doing TpT for a while and have never reached the BIG milestone but I have reached plenty of milestones that I set for myself.

What is your most helpful advice for new teachers?

My advice for beginning teachers is to be confident in your abilities and that it is okay to make mistakes.

I love how her feedback is centered in running your own race. With all of the data and analytics, it can be easy to become discouraged when there are so many others out there who are seemingly more successful. At the end of the day, you have to set your own goals and be confident in yourself. Truer words never spoken :) By the way...

You Oughta Buy...

As for more evidence of her sage wisdom, check out her End of the Year Frenzy Unit! Even if you have four days left, or until the end of June (I feel your struggle), these activities my be the thing you need to finish the year strong.

I really loved her mini awards! They would be great to give at the end of each week for student recognition.

Click the link here to get it for your very own!

I am so grateful for Mrs.McClain and her collaborative spirit! I am so glad she could share with us and I hope you can use it!


Weekly Summer Link Up 5/24: My Goals for the Summer

Happy Monday!
 I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and you spent it with people you care about. We spent ours driving back from Gatlinburg from our first family vacation. Traveling is definitely different with a nine month old.

So happy to link up with Miss Monica at I Heart 3rd Grade for this amazing linky party. As this year wrapped up, I had been wondering what I would blog about now that everyone was on break and then this amazing opportunity presented itself! So wonderful! 
The topic for this week is setting goals for the summer. It's always great to set goals in the beginning of an endeavor. It will be even more interesting to look at this list at the end of the summer to see what was accomplished.

Before I begin, I have A LOT going on. I know everybody is busy and they have lots on their plates, but I feel like I have 6 plates spinning at the same time, and 2 or 3 are looking a bit wobbly. 

  1. Get Married and survive the process
  2. Upload 60 total products (8 more by August 31)
  3. Get a full time job related to education
  4. Attend the TPT conference
  5. Plan my SIM (social innovation meeting) for Mid August
  6. Work Summer Institute June/July
  7. Attend the ASCD conference
  8. Keep up with blog schedule
  9.  Spend quality time with my sweetie and Papaya. 
  10. Enjoy the process :)
I would go through the whole list but that would be boring for you and anxiety inducing for me, so I'll just focus on the first 3. 

1. Get Married...And Survive....
It's a lot. But I keep telling myself to breathe and remember it's just one day and at the end of that day, I get cake. Lots of cake. The whole thing if I want it. That makes me feel a bit better about all the loose ends and deadlines. I have to tell myself to chill and remember I get cake. Hopefully, that will get me through. Hopefully...

2. Upload 60 Products
I had the goal of having 100 products in my store because 100 represents in my mind TPT sellers who are serious and focused on TPT as more than a hobby. Although I know others who are successful with less products, that is my personal goal. Instead of being focused on my 100 products, I got caught up in the world of social media and blogging versus the creation of products. I am going to reinstate my goal of having 100 quality products that teachers and classrooms need, but also take reality into account. With all the things I have going on, I cannot focus on the creation as much until after August. Then I will be better about my creation schedule. At least that is my goal.

3. Full time work
It's time to return to the land of adult and begin adulting once again. I was happy to leave the land of adult to return to grad school and  learn. I have had multiple jobs (almost all at the same time) but the were all part time to fix my flexible schedule. The job I have was great as I finished grad school and during my pregnancy with Papaya, but now it is time to focus on my professional career, I'm not sure what opportunity I will pursue, but the first step is to make a goal and pursue it. Oh, to adult successfully...what a wonder that would be lol. 

The rest of the list will serve as a check point for me to see where everything ended up by August 15th. At that point, I will be a Mrs., have a full time job, and be free to create to my heart's desire. 

I hope you follow the link and join this amazing party!


Splish-Splash It's a Summer Time Bash!

One of the best things about working in education, besides the kids and the wonderful people I get to work with, is SUMMER VACATION! I love having 8 weeks to reflect, revise, and rejuvenate before the start of another year. Many people think teachers don't work as hard because we have the summers off, but without those summer breaks, you wouldn't have the time to think of new activities, units, or find opportunities to collaborate with other teachers.

Upcoming things this summer:

1) TFA Summer Institute

For the past fours years, I have spent my summer working to develop new teachers. I absolutely love it. Many people do have issues with alternative certification programs, I know they play an important role in education today. Where I taught in Arkansas, there were few teachers who would come to our little rural corner. In fact, when we didn't have TFA teachers, there would be long term subs in classrooms. Because I know it can be better, for the new teachers and for their students, I work with the new teachers to incorporate culturally responsive teaching practices as well as strategies to develop relationships with their students and their colleagues. I am excited to see how institute will turn out this year.

2) TPT Conference

SO EXCITED TO GO TO VEGAS!!!! I seriously cannot wait to go to Vegas with my sweetie and meet all of the wonderful people that I follow and that I have worked with over the last year. I truly love the TPT community and its focus on teachers and their needs. I know it will be a jam packed 2 days, but I am ready to learn. We are still finalizing all the details, but it is getting closer! YAY!

3) My Wedding!

Last but not least, MY WEDDING! It's crazy my wedding is so close! Nerve wrecking and nausea inducingly close. This has/will be one of the busiest summers of my life between work, business, and personal. I'm just glad I have a supportive family that has stepped up to help me with the finer details. All I can do is stay calm and know that as long as I have Sam, that everything will be okay on that day.  Well, Sam and cake. Err...Sam, cake, and deviled eggs. Fine. Sam, cake, deviled eggs, and wine. There. That would be the perfect day :)

For my freebie, I wanted to share one of my forever freebies!  Reading comprehension rings!

To read about it more in detail, click here.

And finally, no bash would be complete without a giveaway!
Enter the raffle to win any one item out of my store!
(Click the link to look through some of my products).
Simply like on facebook and it's yours!
a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks so for reading and I hope you win!
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