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Teacher Feature Tuesday fearing Hannah from 21st Century K

So happy to feature Hannah from 21st Century Kindergarten!

1. How long have you been TPT'ing?

Officially, since 2013, but only seriously pursuing since August, 2014. :)

2. What is your most helpful advice to TPT'ers?

Find your niche! Choose some part of education about which you are passionate and focus on that! If it is important to you, chances are someone else will find value in it, too!

3. What is your most helpful advice for new teachers?

Learn your standards! In an ever-changing world of education, knowing your standards will be the key to helping your students find success. Relying on a teacher's manual is a thing of the past. Know your standards and teach them!

Amazingness Below :)

I love her unit on Citizenship! I am in the process of aligning our tutoring materials with themes and citizenship is one of my favorites. I love designing projects where students get to be good stewards of the earth and their community. I love how her unit includes activities and badges to help the students learn more about citizenship. I also love her units for calendar work by month. Help yourself and your kids our. No seriously! You seriously have to check her out!


Stop, Swap, and Roll: Bloom's for Younger Readers by Learning to be Awesome

Happy Saturday! I am so happy to link up with Jungle Learners for this months Stop, Swap, and Roll!

 I loved partnering with Learning to be Awesome! She is linked up all the way from New Zealand!

Learning to be Awesome

I was so happy to review this fabulous set of cards!

I really how well the cards incorporated Bloom's Taxonomy. As I have been working with this after school program, I have noticed how much my students need to engage with text through the use of meaningful questions. I am always encouraging our tutors to ask open ended questions that will put more of the cognitive load on the students. I have given them sheets, sample questions, and modeled lessons with mixed results. They take to it well at first, but without continuous support, some tutors in the past slipped back into their old habits. Enter these cards!

I also loved her color coding of the cards! When I printed them originally, they fit four to a page and were the perfect size to add to my teacher kit.
They were so great when planning the lesson and selecting which cards I would be using. She included an asterisk on all of the cards that needed more prep. So helpful!

Below is a picture of the student cards I made. I wanted students to be able to use the cards BUT I didn't have enough card stock  or ink to make a set for each one of the kids. Instead, I printed them on colored card stock and fit 4 pages on 1 page. All I had to do then was cut them out, hole punch them, and place them on a ring (my favorite teacher item!).

I loved, loved, loved this swap! One of my site coordinators loved how cute they were and how the students got to choose what questions they answered. I would have the students answer a question from each set of blooms to fully test their comprehension.

Follow the link below to get a FREE copy of these cards!

2nd Grade-3rd Grade

Code for 4th-5th Grade

Five for Friday: An Orange Tree

Happy Friday! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

 Of course Papaya! :)
After church, we went to the farmer's market and found the most beautiful gardens!

We bought an orange tree and two strawberry plants!!! Makes a welcome addition to my blueberry bush and onion plant :) 

I have the best sweetie ever. He ran to the store to pick up formula for Papaya and asked me what I needed. I mentioned razors but said I would go myself later in the week and pick up some other things. He said okay and then headed to the store.
He came back with this!!! 

The correct package and colors lol. My honey is very observant and considerate! It really is the smallest things that count :)

Going to see a play with my coworker. I plan on taking Papaya so it should be interesting :)

I finally finished uploading my Fry Word Units! Time to find my next project!

And Now the Friday Freebie! I made these sheets a few months ago as a part of a spy themed place value unit for our kids. Thought I would share!

 Click to Download the Freebie!


Thursday Tips for Teachers: Using Websites to Shorten Your Creation Time!

Happy Thursday! Just wanted to share a quick creation tip that has saved me MOUNDS of time.

Secret Codes

When I first made secret codes for my Middle School Vocabulary Unit, I did them all by hand. This website was fundamental to speeding up my creation time. I was able to create codes of my choice (a simple subsitution) and the website just spit out the code. Many, many, many brain cells saved. :)

Fill In for Word Searches

While I know there are websites and applications to create word searches, I like to hide my words multiple times to increase the challenge for students. I still haven't found the app for that. Instead, I hide all of the words myself and then use a random word generator to fill in the additional words. When I just type random letters, I got a lot of x, y, and t's so the words would stick out. Having the lists of random words, allows me to power down my brain as I type in the random words to fill in the puzzle.

Scrambled Letters

When I worked on my Journey's Third Grade Spelling Unit, it literally took me a month to make all of the activities. All of the words scrambles drain so much of my brain energy as I had to scramble the words randomly, and then they were truly random. I discovered when working on my Middle School Vocabulary Unit and My Fry Word Units, that I could use a website to scramble the words for me. it was so much faster and efficient. The best part is that the letters are truly scrambled to the point where I have to think hard about what word it is. All I had to do was fill in the template that I talked about in earlier post, and I was able to scramble all 20 sets of words in less than an hour. Talk about a time saver.

I hope this helps you as you begin creating your own units and thinking about the different activities!


Teacher Feature Tuesday featuring Caitlin Veise from Cait's Cool School!

Happy Tuesday! *does happy dance*
This week I'm so happy to introduce you to 
Caitlin Veise from Cait's Cool School

Her posters are literally too cool for school. 

How long have you been TPT'ing?
Since November 2014

What is your most helpful advice for new teachers?
I'm a bit of a newbie myself, but I have quickly learned that the seller's forum is a wealth of information! I've gotten everything from feedback in my store to ideas for how to improve covers and write terms of use to encouragement. Go check out the forum!

What is your most helpful advice for beginning teachers?
Be flexible. Everything is not always going to go by your plan, so be ready to change and adapt. Sometimes the best lessons are the ones you didn't plan!

Any additional tips?
Two things I've found that really keep students engaged and active learners- give them open-ended tasks and let them investigate to find their answer AND give them options. I try to represent different modalities in my options, but with the same overall knowledge presented. For example, students can create a comic strip summary or write a newspaper article. It's a win-win! Students feel like they're in control and get to use their strengths, while I get to see their amazing creative results and how they used what we learned in class.

Fantastic Products

I love her unit My Teacher is Missing!

Such a creative way to tie in literacy with sub plans! So much better than the traditional worksheets. I'm so happy she shared her tips with us this week!

Five for Friday: Great Teaching! AND FREEBIE!

Yay Friday! Linking up with Doodlebug Teaching!

Great teaching in action! I was honestly amazed with this intervention lesson (AND THE AMAZING TEACHER WHO LED IT). We have been working together to incorporate critical literacy in her instruction and it was fantastic. One of her groups studied The Big Lie, a tale about Jewish people from Poland being shipped to Auschwitz. The students made deep connections with the text and were able to voice the questions that they would have. Her other group, pictured here, learned about water conversation and the drought in California and wrote letters to governor of California. She is truly an amazing teacher and I loved the depth of her lessons! Her teaching is an example of the out of school learning experiences I hope to create for students in the near future. 

I love seeing students learn and work with the materials I create. I had the opportunity to work with a first grade group to try my Fry Word Unit and they loved it. :) Just seeing them master the sheets made my heart happy. 

 I love organizational tools! It took me 6 tries to get it printed but I got it done! Turns out one of the fonts couldn't be read b the printer, even when I turned it into a PDF. I needed a schedule to keep up with my blog posts. I love the encouragements on ech page, both mental and spiritual.
 So pumped to be a part of a resource exchange! Here is a teaser for the awesomeness that will be explored here next week!
 I love sharing tips/knowledge/learning with others. As soon as I figure anything out, I'm sharing it with others to help save them time. Check out some tips for creating TPT units.

And now for the Friday Freebie!
A sample from my Middle School Unit! so excited! I am now finishing up the cover pages and terms of use! Should be a busy weekend! I update the links to the unit when it's completed :)

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