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Top Ten Reasons I Became a Teacher

Linking up with Terry's Teaching Tidbits  for Top 10 Reasons I Became a Teacher

10. Make a difference before there was a problem
In college,  I majored in political science, sociology, and international studies with the aim of becoming an international attorney (whatever that is). I really was focusing on it because it sounded good and from a young age, people told me I was smart, so therefore,  I should be a lawyer. I was working in Chicago on an internship was struck by how all the work I was doing was focused on helping people after the fact. They were already in trouble by the time I could help them. Even though that is important, I really didn't derive a lot of joy from arguing and helping people after the fact. I really wanted to make sure they had great lives and avoided legal issues all together.

9. I had a way to become a teacher
My junior year of college, I learned about Teach for America. I was intrigued because it provided an alternative route to become a teacher. Without this program, I don't believe I would have come into teaching at the elementary level. At the time, I had an offer to pursue a sociology PhD program. I might have gone on to teach at a university, but not elementary, which is my jam :)

8. Give me real life experience
I was torn between the PhD program and Teach For America. I honestly didn't feel comfortable writing and researching society when I hadn't even paid any rent, and had come from a comfortable lifestyle. I knew I needed more life experience and nothing is more real than teaching.

7. To be a mentor/role model
Growing up, I was always felt a desire to help my people. It always bothered me to read statistics about Black people and see they were always at the bottom of all statistics and measures. I came from a two parent home with college educated parents who enjoyed reading and having discussions. I had

6. Join a network of teachers
I really appreciated joining Teach for America because of the network and support I would receive during the training. I was placed in the Mississippi Delta region, where schools are very far between and it was nice to be able to feel like a part of a bigger network, with a lot of resources to help support me in being a teacher.

5. I come from a family of teachers
My grandmother was a teacher in Manning, S.C. I was always proud of being her granddaughter and of her accomplishments. She received her Masters in Education back in the 1950s and was the assistant principal in her school. I just loved her so much and loved going to her house. Her sisters were teachers as well and Aunt Debbie, my mother's sister, is a first grade teacher in North Carolina. Guess teaching and education is in my blood :)

4. I love learning
I have always loved learning. In elementary school, instead of playing outside like a normal kid, I would go to the librarian and help her put the books back on the shelves. When I finished, I would read books under the tables. I just plain love school. Teaching is like being in school forever, but much more fun.

3. I love teaching others
I was always helping others to learn or work on products. I tutored elementary students while I was in high school and mentored a group of girls through my sorority. I love seeing the light bulb go on and knowing that I made a difference in someone's life.

2. To make fun and creative activities
I love creating things! Cute things! I love the creativity that teaching brings. I get so much joy and enthusiasm from the material, lessons, and the kids. Creating and helping others learn is my happy place :)

1. The kids
I love their faces, their hugs, and their spirits. They just make me happy!

Why did you become a teacher?

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