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Tips for Coaching Teachers

Practical tips for helping new teachers organize and get ready for classroom instruction

Hi Teacher Friends!
Want to try your hand at coaching? I have been working at developing the content and coaching that I share with teachers. So far this year, I have worked with 10 teachers individually to support their classrooms and trained 45 new teachers through my summer training work. Coaching/helping teachers is my true passion. In my new vision board, I outlined my vision of being a full time teacher coach/TPTer #dreamjob!

In that time, I have learned a bit about problem solving and trouble shooting with teachers. The tips below have helped me to be more purposeful and strategic when working with a new teachers and their needs. 

You Oughta Know: Classroom Library Cards

Hi Teacher Friends! So glad you are stopping by on this fabulous blog hop hosted by the wonderful Jasmine McClain from Buzzin with Mrs. McClain. This month, I thought you oughta know about setting up a classroom library.

Where have I been?

I was getting married!

This summer has been a true whirlwind! I worked all summer training new teachers, attended the TPT conference in Vegas, got married, honeymooned in Jamaica, and then returned to an office move and job transition! Whooo! I am glad to finally be a Mrs. and back to focusing on my other love, creation and helping teachers :)

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