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You Oughta Know May!


You Oughta Know About Rotating TPT Banners!!!

Happy Saturday! This week, I am featuring rotating banners from Shelley Tomish from Pitch Clips! I hadn;t seen them before I viewed her store and I thought they were great and I hope you do too!

Two weeks ago, I came across a seller promoting her store Pitch Clips on the facebook group TPT Connections (click the link to join if you haven't already). I went over to check out her site and lo and behold! She had rotating banners. (Go ahead and look and come right back! I'll wait :) )It was the first time that I had come across that feature on a TPT store. As someone who JUST figured out how to place an image in my TPT banner, I was literally blown away.

 I reached back out to Shelley, the wonderful owner of Pitch Clips, telling her how great her rotating banners were. A few days later, she shared in the same post a tutorial for how to create your own rotating banners! It was so nice that she would share and add to the TPT community of knowledge.

Click below to follow her tutorial below and then come back to join the blog hop for even more tips for you!

Her tutorial is so clear and concise! I can't wait to start planning to create my own next week!

Now, Hop on over to these other great blogs for things You Oughta Know!


Sunday Scoop: Happy Easter!

Happy Sunday and Easter! Here is a quick one before we are off to church!
 Thanks to the Teaching Trio for hosting!
Have to:
  • Grocery Shopping:
    • Literally, no food in the house. I mean the milk, no cereal, ham, no burger kind. The problem is that I have been buying staples but not buying with specific meals in mind. So after church, off to the store we go.
  • Blueberry bush
    • I have to plant my little bush today. I don't want it to start wilting on me. I might even need to buy another one for cross-pollination purposes (according to the box). 
  • Work conference
    • I have a work conference all weekend, this weekend coming up. Prep, prep, and more prep.
Hope to:
  • One Minute Millionaire
    • I can't wait to finish this book. I picked up after walking with the family yesterday and couldn't put it down. 
                                                               Image result for one minute millionaire
  • Sight word spelling:
    • I have to finish writing out the unit so that I can type it out tomorrow.  More to come in future posts!
Happy to do!
  • Now it's time to get ready for church! Happy Easter Sunday!

We were on the floor trying to get her to smile but as you can see, all she did was look at us. She is still adorable anyway :)

What are your Sunday plans?


Sunday Scoop: March 29, 2015

Happy Sunday!
Sunday Scoop Time with Teaching Trio!

Have to do:

  • Create themes for books
    • At the last staff meeting, we talked about how to group the books in themes. I aam planning to go through the books and try to create some sort of alignment guide for book selection. So if we have a lot of non-fiction books about animals at a certain level, that we can have activities to go along with them to make the learning more cohesive for the students.
  • Begin Testing
    • It's testing time! For the next seven weeks, I will be doing testing for our sites. It's a big job with over 300 students to test, but like the topic says, it's something I have to do.
  • YQPA
    • Ughh!!! Definitely on the have to do list. I had to do an evaluation of two programs and have to upload the content tomorrow morning. I am soooooooo not looking forward to this. I have had to attend trainings, conduct multiple observations, and do all of these things for work. I honestly don't like doing it and considered failing the qualifying exam so I won't have to do it it, but c'est la vie. The good news is that after tomorrow it will be done, so thank heaven for that.

Hope to do:

  • Start planning for summer institute
    • My books came in (see the happy to do below) and I hope to start thinking about my summer job and how to incorporate this material. I will be training 40-50 Teach for America teachers this summer as a Diversity and Community Specialist. It will be considerably easier this summer as I will not be 9 months pregnant lol. We had great results last summer, so I am just looking forward to improving my sessions for this year.
  • Get addresses
    • Sigh, wedding plans, oh wedding plans. This is the week to send the Save the Dates for everyone. Four months out and I am personally stressed. Can I get a Woo Sah? I know I just have to take everything day by day

Happy To do!

  • Read my new books!
    • So excited to check the mail today! For the record, we only go to the mailbox every two weeks. I hate, hate, hate bills, so checking the mail every day is not my thing. I was happy to get my new books!
I have Doing Critical Literacy by Hilary Janks to inform my summer work and a series of articles I want to write for Teacher Feature Thursday. The Classroom Management Book by Harry Wong to best support my teachers this summer, and The Morning Meeting Book to inform their planning for their morning meeting time. 

I can't wait to get started with these books!

What is your week looking like?


Sunday Scoop: March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday!
Checking with The Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop!

Have to Do

  • Wisdom Teeth
    • Yes, I have to get my wisdom teeth out. Surgically removed. Monday morning at 8 am. So this time tomorrow, i will be minus 2 teeth and 1500 dollars. yay...
  • Odd and Even Unit
    • On a happier note, I will be finishing up by new unit on even and odd. So as I am nursing my mouth, I can finish up my answer keys.
  • Guest List
    • I'm finally getting okay with the guest list. We have a limit and some people won't be able to come. Some people will expect invitations, but the truth of the matter is, I really don't like them. Harsh I know, but it's my day and I want to have fun and not worry about Ms. Judgy McJudgerson. They will probably get mad and not speak to me, but WE DON'T speak anyway lol. (Steps down from soapbox). Anyway, it's nice to get the list together and get ready to send out the invites.

Hope to Do

  • Next Unit
    • After Odd and Even, I hope to start planning my unit skill unit. I'm thinking skip counting and pirates? Word problems and puppies? Hmm...
  • Deep Clean
    • It's past time to get this place together. We have been traveling and the suitcases sadly are still on the guest room floor. Over the next week, I hope to deep clean as I go room by room. 

Happy To Do

  • Enjoy Spring Break
    • Even though I have the surgery scheduled and cleaning on the list, I hope to get out and do something new towards the end of the week. Papaya will be in daycare so I will have the day to myself, It might just be a Netflix fest, but hey! It's MY netflix fest lol.
How is you week looking?


March Madness Product Link Up


Sunday Scoop - March 1, 2015

So glad to link up with Teaching Trio for my first Sunday Scoop.
Here is the scoop of my week!

  1. Have 

    • Compliance Binder:
      • We are being audited by the state and my task (that I was unwilling to accept) is to update all of the information so that we are compliant for the audit. This is a grand undertaking for which I am T-minus 4 days. I will cross all of my fingers and toes and pray to the Lord that it will completed in time and that we will be successful in the audit. 
    • Math Master Multiplication 
      • I have been working on a unit for the past two weeks to help our students with their math facts mastery. The main struggle has been to balance the amount of practice with ease of use. I love that each game is on a single page for ease of use for teachers, staff, and students. I just have to buckle down and finish making each of the sheets. 
    • Dentist appointment
      • Time to call the oral surgeon. These wisdom teeth are coming out in the nest two weeks. Time to stop procrastinating and make the appointment. Sigh

      2. Hope 

    • Send bridesmaids invitations
      • I have been seriously slacking on wedding planning. I'm really tempted to elope during the TPT conference in Las Vegas this year. 2 birds and all that jazz. But I have to get everything together, especially with only 5 months left. It's a simple affair of mostly family, so I'm not top worried, but I think I have to invite people if I expect them to come lol,
    • Continue eating plan
      • With all of the ice and snow, I have seriously been hibernating and alas, packing on the pounds. I ate all of the warm comfort foods like soup and chili, with the side of cornbread, as well as plenty of take out. March 1st is a great time to begin reigning in the meal and exercise plan and I fully intend to comply this week.

     3. Happy      

    • Time to create goals for the month! I have have definitely not been as accountable towards my goals. By May 31st, I my goal is 100. A hundred facebook followers, 100 products in my store, and 100 followers for TPT. I have to continue to use my gift to create materials to empower students and their teachers. So excited to get started. 

What do you have to, hope to, and happy to do this week?

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