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Cyber Monday

Are you ready for Cyber Monday? I can not wait to purchase new fonts and graphics to up the cuteness factor of my games.

Stop by for sweet savings!


Friday Freebie: Christmas Border

So excited to do my first Linky Party with The Teacher Librarian!

I love figuring out ways to save money, namely figuring out how to put dots into my borders to make my products more festive. Click on the frame to get yours!

May it make your borders merry and bright!


Challenge Accepted: Fraction Action

One of our Americorps members noticed that his students were struggling to understand beginning fractions. When shown 1/3, they had difficulty explaining what each of those numbers represented. When given a set of objects, they became even more confused.

Mission: Create an interactive game for a group of 6 third graders struggling with identifying fractions.

Mission Accepted.

The next day, I quickly whipped together a fraction game that students could play.

Even thought they understood and mastered the concept from the game, I was not personally satisfied with the look of the game and the cards.

After a little more tinkering, I created this bright and colorful game for students to play.

It comes with three sets of cards for use with 2-player and 6-player game boards. Simply select the cards depending on the needs of your students.

Below are a few more pictures of the games.

I hope your kids love it as much as the kids in my program!


Gobble Gobble!!! An Interactive Three Digit Addition Game

Are your kids having a carrying crisis? My kiddies were having trouble with repeated addition, specifically knowing when to carry. I was having trouble determining where their learning was breaking down. To help cope with my current math madness, I created Gobble Gobble, a game that focuses on 3 digit addition.

Check out the cute game cards below. I love that I can choose which ones I give to students. The pages focus on adding and regrouping. 

My favorite part of the game is the constructed response pages and rubric. On our state test, there are constructed response sections where students have to show their work. I wanted the kids to focus on providing clear, logical answers as well as demonstrating their thinking. I also added a couple of worksheet pages just to help my students with their skills.

 Now y'all know I am game crazy! My kids are being drilled to death with worksheets and multiple choice skill packets. While they're helpful, my job is to build their skills through fun, especially since I am asking them to do more school after school. Because my group can be different sizes, I added a 2 player and 6 player game version so that different group sizes can play.

I love love love this turkey themed unit. If it could work in your classroom, follow the link below to check it out :)


My 2014-2015 Vision Board

I just went to the most amazing party! It was a vision board planning party. I am a member of Young Urban Professionals in Nashville and this event invited women to come together to create their own visions. I have created a vision board before when I was teaching in Arkansas. When it was time to move to Nashville, I found that I had accomplished all of the goals on my list. I was so excited about the party that I spent 2 HOURS culling images and quotes I wanted to include for 2014-2015.

This party was also great because I knew it was meant to be. I had spoken with my friend Danielle just last week about coming over to fill out our vision boards when this party popped into my inbox.

It was truly a fantastic event. Every woman there was motivated, inspirational and seeking to create a vision for their life. There were vendors there selling health aids, cosmetics, waist trainers, clothing, and handbags. One of the vendors, the Kakery provided delicious cake for us all to enjoy. We spent 2 hours, talking, sharing and learning about each other, our journeys, and our businesses. It was truly wonderful to be around such inspirational women.

At the end of the event, I had created this vision board of all my hopes, and goals for the coming year. I hope to accomplish all of these goals before November 1, 2015.

I really wanted to put my family in the middle and then spread the other areas of my life from there. I found quotes and images related to faith, success, travel, business, home, and that book that I have been meaning to write.

I got a lot of positive feedback at the event and several women took pictures of it. I thought, I can do better than that, so I sent them all a pdf with the titles, some pictures, and the quotes I used. I did remove the slide with my family pictures because as great as my family is, I'm sure they would prefer their own families. 

If you like it, I have a link to the pdf below. 

I encourage everyone to set the law of attraction loose on your life and attract the change you want. I hope it will help you as much as I believe it will help me.

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