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Pot of Gold Appreciation Craft

It's time for St. Patrick's Day yet again! Here is a quick craft that we used to show appreciation to our staff!


Tape (I used double sided)
Plastic Table Cloth

Step 1: Print Labels

I created these simple labels using PowerPoint. You can either double them over the top of a ziplock bag, or like I did, cut them in half to place on the bags. 

 Step 2: Buy Candy

 We purchased two bags of candy from Party City for 9.99 a bag,

Step 3: Cut tablecloth and assemble

I cut the plastic table cloth into squares approximately 8 inches by 12 and stacked the candy in the middle.  

Step 4: Tape on label

After you have made a bag and added the rubber band, tape the label onto the bag.

And Voila! They came out so cute! I love that our staff will be opening the "pot" and have it be filled with gold!  


Staff Appreciation: Get S'More Staff Like You

I love showing appreciation to people for all of the hard work they do! Nothing feels as good as being recognized, and I work with some pretty amazing people.

Every month, my team is tasked with coming up with something creative and cute for all of the staff within our organization. We began the year with pretty low moral and wanted to show our staff, specially our new hires, how much we appreciate them.

This month, we made mini bags of smores. One of my colleagues found the idea via pinterest. The idea came from an older post by

The original file only had two labels per page, so I screen clipped it to make four fit onto a page.

Click the link for the original file

These came out so cute! I just know our staff will appreciate them!

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