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Tackling the Test: Identifying Your Testing Priorities

Help students prep for state testing with these test prep review ideas

When preparing for the state test, it can pretty daunting to determine which are your priority objectives.  Best case scenario, you have been tracking student progress all year and have a good approximation of how your students will perform on a standardized test. Worst case, you are just prepping for the test and it is days away. If for some reason I was thrown into a class room with 10 days until the test, this would be my go to plan to help my students.

Halloween Treat: Student Created Problem Solver Craft

Don't you love it when education and cuteness merge? 


Owl Hour Freebie

FREE Telling Time to the Nearest Hour Bingo Game


End of the Year Ideas and Activities for Elementary Classrooms

Hi Friends!

As the end of the school year is wrapping up, its time to think about how the end of the year will be wrapping up!

End of the Year activities for Elementary Classrooms and Teachers

Keep reading for more ideas and activities!

February Freebie! Writing Prompts

Love is in the air! I'm sharing the love with these free Valentine's Day Writing Prompts!


January Pinterest Pick 3

To help you gear up for the second semester, here are 3 great Pinterest projects/activities to try!


Trick or Treat Blog Hop

  So happy to link up with Rachael Parlett at the Classroom Game Nook Blog! Halloween comes during my favorite time of the year and I am so happy to share these tricks and treats with you!

Splish-Splash It's a Summer Time Bash!

One of the best things about working in education, besides the kids and the wonderful people I get to work with, is SUMMER VACATION! I love having 8 weeks to reflect, revise, and rejuvenate before the start of another year. Many people think teachers don't work as hard because we have the summers off, but without those summer breaks, you wouldn't have the time to think of new activities, units, or find opportunities to collaborate with other teachers.

Upcoming things this summer:

1) TFA Summer Institute

For the past fours years, I have spent my summer working to develop new teachers. I absolutely love it. Many people do have issues with alternative certification programs, I know they play an important role in education today. Where I taught in Arkansas, there were few teachers who would come to our little rural corner. In fact, when we didn't have TFA teachers, there would be long term subs in classrooms. Because I know it can be better, for the new teachers and for their students, I work with the new teachers to incorporate culturally responsive teaching practices as well as strategies to develop relationships with their students and their colleagues. I am excited to see how institute will turn out this year.

2) TPT Conference

SO EXCITED TO GO TO VEGAS!!!! I seriously cannot wait to go to Vegas with my sweetie and meet all of the wonderful people that I follow and that I have worked with over the last year. I truly love the TPT community and its focus on teachers and their needs. I know it will be a jam packed 2 days, but I am ready to learn. We are still finalizing all the details, but it is getting closer! YAY!

3) My Wedding!

Last but not least, MY WEDDING! It's crazy my wedding is so close! Nerve wrecking and nausea inducingly close. This has/will be one of the busiest summers of my life between work, business, and personal. I'm just glad I have a supportive family that has stepped up to help me with the finer details. All I can do is stay calm and know that as long as I have Sam, that everything will be okay on that day.  Well, Sam and cake. Err...Sam, cake, and deviled eggs. Fine. Sam, cake, deviled eggs, and wine. There. That would be the perfect day :)

For my freebie, I wanted to share one of my forever freebies!  Reading comprehension rings!

To read about it more in detail, click here.

And finally, no bash would be complete without a giveaway!
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Five for Friday: An Orange Tree

Happy Friday! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

 Of course Papaya! :)
After church, we went to the farmer's market and found the most beautiful gardens!

We bought an orange tree and two strawberry plants!!! Makes a welcome addition to my blueberry bush and onion plant :) 

I have the best sweetie ever. He ran to the store to pick up formula for Papaya and asked me what I needed. I mentioned razors but said I would go myself later in the week and pick up some other things. He said okay and then headed to the store.
He came back with this!!! 

The correct package and colors lol. My honey is very observant and considerate! It really is the smallest things that count :)

Going to see a play with my coworker. I plan on taking Papaya so it should be interesting :)

I finally finished uploading my Fry Word Units! Time to find my next project!

And Now the Friday Freebie! I made these sheets a few months ago as a part of a spy themed place value unit for our kids. Thought I would share!

 Click to Download the Freebie!


Teaching Idea Tuesday: Reading Record Rings - FREEBIE

Time to share another teaching idea with Teach Junkie!

Introducing Reading Record Rings!!!

I created these fun bookmarks for reading comprehension!

Wait! Isn't it more than just a bookmark? Of course it is.

Students can keep a record of the books they read. After they complete it, they add it to their ring of books they have read. 

It has a reading record for a non-fiction text, 2 fiction texts, and one for keeping track of the number of pages read.

After making it, I realized how much simpler it would be if I simply put four to a page to make it easier to select the one you need.

Best of all, IT'S FREE!!!

Click to get the Love !!! 

I hope you enjoy!


You Ought to Know: Test Prep Incentives

Hi All! Happy Saturday!
Today I am linking up with Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her monthly You Oughta Know blog hop. Other bloggers and I will be sharing things that you “oughta know” for your classroom.

For the past three weeks, I have been blogging about Test Prep Tips in an effort to simplify test prep preparation and anxiety for students AND teachers. 


This month, You Oughta Know About... Testing Incentives!!!

With the state test looming at the end of the month, it is easy for teachers and students to be overwhelmed with the preparation for it. 

Enter Star Charms!

Reading Stars

Back Story 

When I was teaching, we had to some up with a way of encouraging our students to show what they know for the ACTAAP test (The Arkansas State Test). We chose to focus specifically on Open Response Questions because of their weight on the test and our students past issues in answering them correctly. 


We ran the program in 3-5, because those are the tested grades, and the grades of our Upper Elementary School. All students took an open response question in math and in reading and turned them into the principal. It was a simple question taken from past tests, printed on a half sheet of paper. Students had 15 minutes to answer each question and write their names on the paper. Afterwards, all of the papers were collected and turned into the main office. 
The students who were proficient/advanced received their papers back with one of these stars.  


Students loved them! They loved wearing them on their wrists or on their necklaces and earning them for showing what they knew! We saw a dramatic difference in students energy and enthusiasm when prepping for the test. One of the best parts was how inexpensive the stars were. They are $5.49 for 25 multi-colored charms and $20 for a 100.
Math Award Stars


Thinking over this system, I would definitely award students stars based on growth on each category.  You want to encourage ALL students as much as possible and encourage their growth. 

I would also purchase additional charm packs for other incentives. There are number packs that I would use to track how many books each of my students read throughout the year.


Standardized Test Prep Freebie!

I love that the star theme also carries over to this FREEBIE, I made to track student progress on specific learning objectives. 

Click the link for Math Stars and Reading Stars!

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