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What's a Flash Freebie?

I honestly don't know. Do you know what it is? Have you tried it yet?

I was on Teacher's Notebook and I saw the new promotion offer. Apparently, it allows to you give away a paid product for a certain number of days in order to drive traffic to your site.

I think it might be a neat promotional feature and I'm interested to see what the reception will be. For all those teachers who love free items, I submitted my Fry Words Game Bundle. It consists of 10 interactive games using Fry Words 751-1000. The images below give you an idea of the bundle. Over 80 pages of print and cut games that students love.

If you liked what you saw, 
head on over to the link to download it!

The free downloads begin Monday, October 13 and runs through Friday, October 17th.

As always, download, rate and follow.  Hope you find it incredibly useful!

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