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Followers Envy Rears its Ugly Head

Being new to TPT, it's hard to know what matters. Is it the ratings? The number of followers you have? The visual appeal of your products?

I think that they all matter, but the hardest one for me to conceptualize is the followers. While I would want to ask for followers, just to increase the awareness of my products, being a follower actually seems like a major commitment. Once you follow someone, you are committing yourself to receiving constant updates and reminder emails about their products.

When I first joined, I went to the seller's forum and followed a couple of stores under the follow for follow boards. For the ones that I did join, I really did like the quality of the work they produce and the attractiveness of their covers. On the negative side, I found it to be intimidating from my seller's point of view. I found myself being critical of my work in comparison and (mildly) depressed over the quality of my covers. You know the voice you can't stop. It's not good enough. Look how great hers is. How is she posting so many? Work harder. Do better. Blah blah blah.

I had a long talk with my mentor about these thoughts and feelings, and she told me to look at as a blessing. I am part of a wonderful community of educators who are sharing our work to help others. I know my purpose is to help develop teachers' skills in teaching and aid them in their instructions.

As I did a couple of woo sahs, I calmed myself and remembered that the only person I really need to please is me. If I like it and think others will too, then I should just accept that as affirmation. I wouldn't have the need and desire to create these products if I wasn't meant for me and a part of my path.

At the end of the day, I am so happy for my 6 followers and the stores I follow. This whole thing is one step in process that I just have to keep working towards. (Deep breath out).

Now, (peeking around for others who have encountered the the same green eyed monster), how have you dealt with follower envy?

Please share because I am sure (or at least I hope...) that I am not alone! LOL.

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