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Five for Friday: Doodle Bugs

So glad to do my first Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs

My little Papaya this a.m. Enough said :)

 So glad to be finishing up my Valentine's Day activities for the kids. I had planned to finish these over Christmas Break, but I caught up in, well, Christmas. It was so nice to take a break and spend time with my family. Sleeping in and lazy days. Bliss!

Here is one of the sample pages from the packet. I love that the check code is are valentine themed words. 

So yes, this is our tiny Christmas tree that is currently still up. We got a tiny tree because we spent most of  Christmas in Dallas with honeybunny's family. When we got back, we simply looked at it and said we would get to it. And for the past two weeks, we have been planning to get to it. And today is that day. We will be finally putting up our little piece of Christmas. I would have done it last weekend, but I love the little whiffs of pine you get as you sit in the den. 

I purchased The Moffat's Girls prompts for beginning and struggling writers...with mxied results. It worked well for my higher first graders but I have kids who are significantly behind and who struggle with letter writing, so it is back to the books to think of something for my struggling writers and readers. 

Finally catching up on Season 3 of Scandal on Netflix. I now know why they wait weeks between episodes. After three episodes, my brain is on overload from all of the, well, scandals! I think after this episode, I'll switch back Warehouse 13 lol.

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  1. I understand what you mean with your writers. I have a wide variety of students too from ones that can write amazing and complete sentences to students who struggle to recognize all their letters. It does make writing activities very difficult to say the least!


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