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Sunday Scoop - March 1, 2015

So glad to link up with Teaching Trio for my first Sunday Scoop.
Here is the scoop of my week!

  1. Have 

    • Compliance Binder:
      • We are being audited by the state and my task (that I was unwilling to accept) is to update all of the information so that we are compliant for the audit. This is a grand undertaking for which I am T-minus 4 days. I will cross all of my fingers and toes and pray to the Lord that it will completed in time and that we will be successful in the audit. 
    • Math Master Multiplication 
      • I have been working on a unit for the past two weeks to help our students with their math facts mastery. The main struggle has been to balance the amount of practice with ease of use. I love that each game is on a single page for ease of use for teachers, staff, and students. I just have to buckle down and finish making each of the sheets. 
    • Dentist appointment
      • Time to call the oral surgeon. These wisdom teeth are coming out in the nest two weeks. Time to stop procrastinating and make the appointment. Sigh

      2. Hope 

    • Send bridesmaids invitations
      • I have been seriously slacking on wedding planning. I'm really tempted to elope during the TPT conference in Las Vegas this year. 2 birds and all that jazz. But I have to get everything together, especially with only 5 months left. It's a simple affair of mostly family, so I'm not top worried, but I think I have to invite people if I expect them to come lol,
    • Continue eating plan
      • With all of the ice and snow, I have seriously been hibernating and alas, packing on the pounds. I ate all of the warm comfort foods like soup and chili, with the side of cornbread, as well as plenty of take out. March 1st is a great time to begin reigning in the meal and exercise plan and I fully intend to comply this week.

     3. Happy      

    • Time to create goals for the month! I have have definitely not been as accountable towards my goals. By May 31st, I my goal is 100. A hundred facebook followers, 100 products in my store, and 100 followers for TPT. I have to continue to use my gift to create materials to empower students and their teachers. So excited to get started. 

What do you have to, hope to, and happy to do this week?

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! :) So exciting. I'm sure that's hard to coordinate while teaching too. Good luck on your goals this year. I'm a new follower on all your sites. I hope it goes great!

    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs


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