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Five for Friday: Great Teaching! AND FREEBIE!

Yay Friday! Linking up with Doodlebug Teaching!

Great teaching in action! I was honestly amazed with this intervention lesson (AND THE AMAZING TEACHER WHO LED IT). We have been working together to incorporate critical literacy in her instruction and it was fantastic. One of her groups studied The Big Lie, a tale about Jewish people from Poland being shipped to Auschwitz. The students made deep connections with the text and were able to voice the questions that they would have. Her other group, pictured here, learned about water conversation and the drought in California and wrote letters to governor of California. She is truly an amazing teacher and I loved the depth of her lessons! Her teaching is an example of the out of school learning experiences I hope to create for students in the near future. 

I love seeing students learn and work with the materials I create. I had the opportunity to work with a first grade group to try my Fry Word Unit and they loved it. :) Just seeing them master the sheets made my heart happy. 

 I love organizational tools! It took me 6 tries to get it printed but I got it done! Turns out one of the fonts couldn't be read b the printer, even when I turned it into a PDF. I needed a schedule to keep up with my blog posts. I love the encouragements on ech page, both mental and spiritual.
 So pumped to be a part of a resource exchange! Here is a teaser for the awesomeness that will be explored here next week!
 I love sharing tips/knowledge/learning with others. As soon as I figure anything out, I'm sharing it with others to help save them time. Check out some tips for creating TPT units.

And now for the Friday Freebie!
A sample from my Middle School Unit! so excited! I am now finishing up the cover pages and terms of use! Should be a busy weekend! I update the links to the unit when it's completed :)

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