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Weekly Summer Link Up 5/24: My Goals for the Summer

Happy Monday!
 I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day and you spent it with people you care about. We spent ours driving back from Gatlinburg from our first family vacation. Traveling is definitely different with a nine month old.

So happy to link up with Miss Monica at I Heart 3rd Grade for this amazing linky party. As this year wrapped up, I had been wondering what I would blog about now that everyone was on break and then this amazing opportunity presented itself! So wonderful! 
The topic for this week is setting goals for the summer. It's always great to set goals in the beginning of an endeavor. It will be even more interesting to look at this list at the end of the summer to see what was accomplished.

Before I begin, I have A LOT going on. I know everybody is busy and they have lots on their plates, but I feel like I have 6 plates spinning at the same time, and 2 or 3 are looking a bit wobbly. 

  1. Get Married and survive the process
  2. Upload 60 total products (8 more by August 31)
  3. Get a full time job related to education
  4. Attend the TPT conference
  5. Plan my SIM (social innovation meeting) for Mid August
  6. Work Summer Institute June/July
  7. Attend the ASCD conference
  8. Keep up with blog schedule
  9.  Spend quality time with my sweetie and Papaya. 
  10. Enjoy the process :)
I would go through the whole list but that would be boring for you and anxiety inducing for me, so I'll just focus on the first 3. 

1. Get Married...And Survive....
It's a lot. But I keep telling myself to breathe and remember it's just one day and at the end of that day, I get cake. Lots of cake. The whole thing if I want it. That makes me feel a bit better about all the loose ends and deadlines. I have to tell myself to chill and remember I get cake. Hopefully, that will get me through. Hopefully...

2. Upload 60 Products
I had the goal of having 100 products in my store because 100 represents in my mind TPT sellers who are serious and focused on TPT as more than a hobby. Although I know others who are successful with less products, that is my personal goal. Instead of being focused on my 100 products, I got caught up in the world of social media and blogging versus the creation of products. I am going to reinstate my goal of having 100 quality products that teachers and classrooms need, but also take reality into account. With all the things I have going on, I cannot focus on the creation as much until after August. Then I will be better about my creation schedule. At least that is my goal.

3. Full time work
It's time to return to the land of adult and begin adulting once again. I was happy to leave the land of adult to return to grad school and  learn. I have had multiple jobs (almost all at the same time) but the were all part time to fix my flexible schedule. The job I have was great as I finished grad school and during my pregnancy with Papaya, but now it is time to focus on my professional career, I'm not sure what opportunity I will pursue, but the first step is to make a goal and pursue it. Oh, to adult successfully...what a wonder that would be lol. 

The rest of the list will serve as a check point for me to see where everything ended up by August 15th. At that point, I will be a Mrs., have a full time job, and be free to create to my heart's desire. 

I hope you follow the link and join this amazing party!


  1. Hi, Bri!
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Eat all of the cake you want! I love reading your blog. You are so focused and you know what you want! That said, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out my blog!

    Made with Love

  2. Hi Bri!

    Here comes the bride! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting!

    You are one productive lady! 60 products??? Oh my goodness! You'll have to tell me how you do it all!!

    I'll be at the Vegas conference, too! Hopefully we will be able to meet up and say hello in person!



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