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Freebie Friday: Fuel Cells

Hi All!
 Just finishing up my new Even and Odd Unit and wanted to add a page for Freebie Friday!

To Download click here!

Update: The full unit is complete!!! Click here for full access!


Friday Freebie! Even and Odd Practice Sheet

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share a preview of my next unit on even and odd! This unit is based on 2.OA.4: Even and odd. The full unit will include a fun game about feeding the aliens or possibly losing a finger! The unit should be complete this weekend, hopefully before I get me teeth wisdom removed on Monday (Ackkk!)

Download Link
Hope this is a blessing to you and your students!


Teaching Idea Tuesday: Multiplication

My contribution to Teaching Idea Tuesday is centered on multiplication. At one of our sites, one of our site coordinators noticed that the students were having trouble with their memorization of their multiplication facts. Because we have a small group format, we had different children who were successful with different multiplication facts.

Included are badges that students can earn as they master each level.  
At the same time, there are quizzes for each set of math facts and one page printable games for students to play.

Below are the game covers. Aren't they cute?

 Click the link to help your students master their fours!


Penguin Place Value

I love winter! Or rather, the IDEA of winter. Breaking out the boots and sweaters is one of my favorite things. This sub-zero wind chill and having to warm up the car...not so much. But at least I'm blessed to be inside, snuggled under the covers with my honey and my baby Papaya, and working on my January/February resources. 

Last week I posted my Penguin Place Value Game. My kids have the hardest time with place value and understanding numbers in relation to each other. I made two versions because I have groups of older and younger children who struggle with this skill.  Below is the Second Grade Version:

What winter fun do you have to share?


Challenge Accepted: Fraction Action

One of our Americorps members noticed that his students were struggling to understand beginning fractions. When shown 1/3, they had difficulty explaining what each of those numbers represented. When given a set of objects, they became even more confused.

Mission: Create an interactive game for a group of 6 third graders struggling with identifying fractions.

Mission Accepted.

The next day, I quickly whipped together a fraction game that students could play.

Even thought they understood and mastered the concept from the game, I was not personally satisfied with the look of the game and the cards.

After a little more tinkering, I created this bright and colorful game for students to play.

It comes with three sets of cards for use with 2-player and 6-player game boards. Simply select the cards depending on the needs of your students.

Below are a few more pictures of the games.

I hope your kids love it as much as the kids in my program!

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