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Challenge Accepted: Fraction Action

One of our Americorps members noticed that his students were struggling to understand beginning fractions. When shown 1/3, they had difficulty explaining what each of those numbers represented. When given a set of objects, they became even more confused.

Mission: Create an interactive game for a group of 6 third graders struggling with identifying fractions.

Mission Accepted.

The next day, I quickly whipped together a fraction game that students could play.

Even thought they understood and mastered the concept from the game, I was not personally satisfied with the look of the game and the cards.

After a little more tinkering, I created this bright and colorful game for students to play.

It comes with three sets of cards for use with 2-player and 6-player game boards. Simply select the cards depending on the needs of your students.

Below are a few more pictures of the games.

I hope your kids love it as much as the kids in my program!

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