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Pot of Gold Appreciation Craft

It's time for St. Patrick's Day yet again! Here is a quick craft that we used to show appreciation to our staff!


Tape (I used double sided)
Plastic Table Cloth

Step 1: Print Labels

I created these simple labels using PowerPoint. You can either double them over the top of a ziplock bag, or like I did, cut them in half to place on the bags. 

 Step 2: Buy Candy

 We purchased two bags of candy from Party City for 9.99 a bag,

Step 3: Cut tablecloth and assemble

I cut the plastic table cloth into squares approximately 8 inches by 12 and stacked the candy in the middle.  

Step 4: Tape on label

After you have made a bag and added the rubber band, tape the label onto the bag.

And Voila! They came out so cute! I love that our staff will be opening the "pot" and have it be filled with gold!  

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