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Currently February!

It's February! January went by so quickly! It literally just blew by me smh. So at the end of this whirlwind, I am linking up with Farley to get February on the right start!

 1. I am so loving Spotify's Pop Ballads list. I listen to it  at work CONSTANTLY! I had to make a deal with my seat mate that I will let her get a day to play the music lol. It has such great throw back, classic, and current hits. I just zone out and feel more super productive.

It also can't hurt that Beyonce is on the cover. I'm just sayin. 

2. My family came to visit my little Papaya. My mother brought her a new playard after hearing that she fell off the couch. To be fair, she landed on a bed of pillows, but my mother was not trying to here that. She, along with my sister, brother, and aunt, descended on our house for the weekend. It's always great to be around family.

 Papaya in her play yard. 

 Grandmmommy with Papaya. Papaya has been covering everyone with drool lately, due to her teething. 

Auntie and sister dear with sweet papaya.

3. I have NOT seen any of my friends at all! Between work, the baby, TPT stuff, Blog Stuff, and of course Honeybear, there is not enough time in the day. I actually took the past two weeks off just to get me house in order and spend time with family. Now I need to see my friends. I really don't want to fall into the family trap, where you are so focused on family, you forget about your friends. I have a brithday party coming up that I'm excited about as well as just general girl time with the buds. 

4. I really want it to snow on Thursday. Yes, yes, yes...students need to be in school, but I love working from home with my little papaya. We had some today so fingers crossed.

5. I need bobby pins. Badly. I always start with 100 and they magically disappear over the course of the month. Of course, honey bear always finds them and tells me that they are in the couch, my purse, the floor, the bathroom drawers, and basically everywhere else but in my hair. I went to pick some up, but they were $2.74 for like 42. That was just too rich for my blood. I will take my frugal self back to the dollar store and purchase the next 100 and steel myself for honeybear's complaints. 
(I have to have a few flaws right??....right....)

As for my pageant title, if I were a pageant queen, I would definitely take the title for food prep. Honey and I are trying the PiYo lifestyle (not a diet... not a diet...trying to trick my brain). 
After the disappointing loss of the Seahawks, I had to leave and purchase all of our food prep items.  

 I bought two sets of these containers from Walmart to help with food prep. 
I love the PiYo LIFESTYLE counts servings rather than calories. I have honey on the same diet, so hopefully we can be accountability partners. 

Above are the results of our hard work! We measured out everything using our new digital scale so hopefully everything will be great. Papaya turned six months old today, so no more I just had a baby excuses lol. 

Happy February!


  1. I feel ya! It's a lifestyle- and sometimes it's so hard. Great job girl

  2. Food prep queen is right!! Wow! It's so helpful to have it all prepped and done, and not have to worry about it during the week! Your little one is so cute...I hope you get a snow day to snuggle with her! :o)
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