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Have You Heard About...Creative Market?

Need creative design materials, designs, and fonts? Then you need to know about Creative Market! I recently learned about this fantastic site and thought I would share about it and my recent purchases!

It has thousands of images, fonts, and bundles to make your designs even more professional. I personally love it for all of the pretty design elements and the wide variety of price points. There are tons of font bundles that you can purchase to give your materials more flair. 

To start, simply sign up and add credits to your account. I was able to purchase credits with my Paypal account. That might have been my least favorite thing about the site. After all of my purchases,  I still have a $1 credit just hanging out so I will have to by something else to get all of my money. It was nice that I had the option of downloading my purchases to Dropbox and was able to use them immediately.

I recently made my first purchase and I am in love with the things I got!

1. 168 Abstract Textures and Patterns

I love the amount of patterns I received and the different colors everything came in. I envision using these as backgrounds for my social media posts, 

2. Hello Beautiful Font

 While the font was a bit expensive ($16) I loved it. My favorite part was that it has a paired print font to pair with the cursive. It's sometimes hard to pair different texts, and I tend to overthink design at times. This purchase will at least make one of my future decisions a bit easier. 

3. Gold Bokeh

 Did you know about Bokeh? I could have made a whole post about this (and just might too). I love the photographc effect of focusing on the lights and didn't know that Bokeh was the proper term for it. I loved the look of this gold pack. I used it in the graphic about my One Little Word #OLW. I loved how it came out! I will definitely be using this pack a lot in the future. :)

4. Black Texture Sampler

I'll be honest. I had a few dollars credit left over and I came across this little pack of Black texture Samplers. I haven't used it yet, but I liked the look of all the images and thought white text would look stellar on top. Can't wait to try it out!

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  1. I loooove Creative Market! Thanks for sharing this info... I think I'll go develop a Bokeh obsession now. 😉✨


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