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Sunday Scoop: March 29, 2015

Happy Sunday!
Sunday Scoop Time with Teaching Trio!

Have to do:

  • Create themes for books
    • At the last staff meeting, we talked about how to group the books in themes. I aam planning to go through the books and try to create some sort of alignment guide for book selection. So if we have a lot of non-fiction books about animals at a certain level, that we can have activities to go along with them to make the learning more cohesive for the students.
  • Begin Testing
    • It's testing time! For the next seven weeks, I will be doing testing for our sites. It's a big job with over 300 students to test, but like the topic says, it's something I have to do.
  • YQPA
    • Ughh!!! Definitely on the have to do list. I had to do an evaluation of two programs and have to upload the content tomorrow morning. I am soooooooo not looking forward to this. I have had to attend trainings, conduct multiple observations, and do all of these things for work. I honestly don't like doing it and considered failing the qualifying exam so I won't have to do it it, but c'est la vie. The good news is that after tomorrow it will be done, so thank heaven for that.

Hope to do:

  • Start planning for summer institute
    • My books came in (see the happy to do below) and I hope to start thinking about my summer job and how to incorporate this material. I will be training 40-50 Teach for America teachers this summer as a Diversity and Community Specialist. It will be considerably easier this summer as I will not be 9 months pregnant lol. We had great results last summer, so I am just looking forward to improving my sessions for this year.
  • Get addresses
    • Sigh, wedding plans, oh wedding plans. This is the week to send the Save the Dates for everyone. Four months out and I am personally stressed. Can I get a Woo Sah? I know I just have to take everything day by day

Happy To do!

  • Read my new books!
    • So excited to check the mail today! For the record, we only go to the mailbox every two weeks. I hate, hate, hate bills, so checking the mail every day is not my thing. I was happy to get my new books!
I have Doing Critical Literacy by Hilary Janks to inform my summer work and a series of articles I want to write for Teacher Feature Thursday. The Classroom Management Book by Harry Wong to best support my teachers this summer, and The Morning Meeting Book to inform their planning for their morning meeting time. 

I can't wait to get started with these books!

What is your week looking like?

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