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Teacher Feature Tuesday featuring Krista Miglorie

So excited to feature Krista Miglorie from Lil' Sprouts Pre-K!!!

1. How long have you been TPT'ing?

About 8 months and loving it!!

2. What's is your most helpful advice for new TPTers?

You won't make millions over night! :) Have patience, put out high quality products that you are proud of, and spend time on your logo and product covers. People buy with their eyes first, and the content second.

3. What is your most helpful advice for beginning teachers?

Collaborate with your coworkers, especially those that have similar teaching styles. What works for them will probably work for you too!

Any additional tips?

The TPT community is AWESOME! When you need help or want to boost sales, check out the forum. You'll become even more addicted to TPT! :)

If You Like Awesomeness, Keep Reading Below!

I love sight word activities and this is one of the best ones I've seen yet. I love the multiple opportunities to have students recognize words and increase their word knowledge.

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  1. Krista is an amazing teacher and her activities are PERFECT for pre-k! Congrats on your "Teacher Feature"!


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