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Five for Friday and Friday Freebie!

It's Friday and time to list my Five for Friday  with Doodlebugs Teaching!

 I love Fridays! Because I work for with after-school program, we only work Monday through Thursday. I love my day just to chill with Papaya and catch up on blog posts or plan for my next project.

Speaking of plans, I'm loving working on my next Sight Words unit. I finally figured out the quickest way of sorting my materials. 

I'll post next week on the binder after I'm finished, but here is a sneak peek!

Our little deck needs perking p after all that snow and cold weather. I picked up this bluebrry bush from Aldi's last week for 5.99 and I am planning to put it outside tomorrow. I think it is amazing that it started to sprout in the bag already. I just left it near the window and literally overnight the little leaves started to poke out. You have to love God's miracles!


I also love my new pedometer. I have had a body media arm band, a fit bit for a second, and a my sync which I quickly returned. It was $16 dollars at Wal-mart and links to nothing! All the other fitness trackers require your phone and internet and subscriptions, but at the end of the day, I just need to know how far I walked. So far, this has worked better than all of them. No charging, no glitches, no problems. I bought one for my honey too, and we are in a competition to see who can do the most steps each day. He cheated already though! He held me down as he jogged in place smh. I'll admit I did take his and try to hide it, but his cheating should always be considered worse than mine ;). I'm planning on doing a couple of extra laps around the grocery store later on to ensure he goes down in defeat.

Finally to round out the day, relaxing with Redbox.

I love documentaries about real people and their lives. We already watched the documentary about Alan Turing's life on Netflix, so I'm excited to see the differences in the film. 

So that's it!

Haha! Leftover April Fools :)

Here is the link to My Friday Freebie! I am working on a new set of sight word sheets for my kids who struggle with word id, spelling, reading and writing. They are intended to be double sided for first, second and third grade usage. The image below is a preview of the sheets, from the Fry Words Second 100 set. I will be finishing them this weekend! 
Click the link below to download!


  1. You're little Papaya is adorable! Those cheeks are too cute! We used to have a blueberry bush down the road from us. I remember picking blueberries every summer!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, and I love that photo! Your sight words unit looks like it is coming along too. Enjoy your new pedometer!


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