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Thursday Tips for Teachers: Student Created Questions!

Time for Thursday Tips for Teachers!

This week the focus is on cutting down YOUR prep time for test review. Instead of creating all of the questions for your students, empower them by having them create the questions. Creating is the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy! Your students would have to think through all levels of Bloom's in order to create their questions.  

You can play review games like Jeopardy or set up stations using the student questions. 
I personally like to have the students critique the questions and give feedback on their quality.
 It is amazing to see students who use the test questions to critique their work. 


  • Select a learning standard. 

    • I like to use this format for grammar questions and math questions. Use any standard your students are having a hard time at mastering or ones they they keep getting tricked on.

  • Find 5 examples of questions/question stems relating to that learning standard.

    • Find multiple examples of the questions to use as models and examples for students to build their own questions. 
    • For older students, you could give them a reading passage and have them create a series of questions based on the text. I could see poems or non-fiction text features being used for example. Find the types of questions that align with those texts for use. 

  • Create a simple template for your students

    • I used Powerpoint to make my template. If you would like it, simply leave a comment below!

  • Give to your students!

    • Let them loose to explore and create their own questions! If they can create the questions, they are demonstrating a deeper level of mastery for all of the questions. 
Hope this helps!

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