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Teaching Idea Tuesday: Reading Record Rings - FREEBIE

Time to share another teaching idea with Teach Junkie!

Introducing Reading Record Rings!!!

I created these fun bookmarks for reading comprehension!

Wait! Isn't it more than just a bookmark? Of course it is.

Students can keep a record of the books they read. After they complete it, they add it to their ring of books they have read. 

It has a reading record for a non-fiction text, 2 fiction texts, and one for keeping track of the number of pages read.

After making it, I realized how much simpler it would be if I simply put four to a page to make it easier to select the one you need.

Best of all, IT'S FREE!!!

Click to get the Love !!! 

I hope you enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing this at Teach Junkie! How fun it will be to see little readers collecting these instead of plastic bracelets, ninja turtle cards, pez containers,... well, okay, those will probably always be fun for kids, but how nice to add this meaningful choice to the options!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

    1. No problem! I love to make and share things! One can only hope they will love to keep track as much as they love ninja turtles lol.


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