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Swap Saturday with Cheryl Irick

Happy Saturday! I am excited to share my first Product Swap Saturday! It is intended to help our community of teachers collaborate and feature each others products in use. I love collaboration and sharing so starting to do this was right up my alley.

I am so happy to partner with Cheryl Irick from KinderIrick
Cheryl was so kind to share more about herself and her products! Read Below!
I teach kindergarten and am always looking for ways to get my kids reading. I play my I Have Who Has games in small groups. I give each child 5 or 6 cards and we see how quickly we can get through the game. I prefer to play these in small groups as it keeps the kids engaged.

I have I Have Who Has games for all different things from language arts to math concepts. They make a great parent volunteer activity and the kids will choose them during center time to play with their friends.  

I was so fortunate to partner with her! I had a hard time choosing an activity, but I finally chose
I have, Who has? Farm Animal Edition because I felt like the students would love to make the animal sounds. Becuase I work with a tutoring program, I had one specific groups of kindergarterners in mind. This group is very active and can get off task easily so I wanted an activity that would engross them.

 I loved how colorful it was! She begins the pack clearly indicating what is the first card and what is the last card, which I loved. I printed the pages fit to page to maximize the ink coverage.

I followed the directions from the instructions and laminated the cards,. 

 Aren't they beautiful!

Cards in action!
As you can see, the kids were clearly into the game. The tutor I tutor I tried this with loved it and plans to use it again for her students. She said that they really wanted to get the right answers and checked all of their cards. I love when motivation and cuteness come together. 
In the version of the game shown here, I love the way she changed the directions for them to flip over the cards once they were done so they could focus. 

Be sure to enter the raffle below for a set of these cards for your very own! Your kids will love them. Promise!

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