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Tackling the Test: Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Standardized Testing

Help students prep for state testing with these test prep review ideas

Testing season right around the corner? Test prep not as organized as you would like? Keep reading for more tips and strategies to make your life and that of your students easier. 

Testing season can be the toughest on a teacher.  Either external testing pressures, school accountability, or internal turmoil on student progress, can make this a truly stressful time for teachers and students alike. I remember the constant stress and pressure of ensuring my students knew the information, could fill out a bubble sheet, and correctly answer open response items. I would constantly recite the mantra that the test is a piece of paper and encourage my students not to fear it at all.

While not in my own classroom, I have had the privilege of leading a professional development community for a small group of upper elementary first year teachers. In our last session, we focused on test prep and preparing ourselves, our kids, and our classroom for meaningful practice.  

Help students prep for state testing with these test prep review ideas

The following blog posts break down the process of getting ready and ensuring your students are prepared for T Day.

Tackling the Test:Test Incentives
Tackling the Test: After the test

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