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Winner Wednesday: Fry Words Student Skill Sheets-Second 100

Thanks so much to Jennifer from A Dab of Glue Will Do! I honestly love her blog and I am so glad she developed this opportunity.

Jennifer first mentioned this idea in the TPT Seller's Forum and I thought it was fantastic. I am currently participating in a Teacher Appreciation Giveaway of two bundles of educational resources worth over $475 and the response has been incredible. The simple fact of the matter is that people like to win stuff and I hope you do too!

For the first inaugural Winner Wednesday, I am giving a copy of my Fry Words Unit -Second 100 away!  

This unit features 25 sets of DIFFERENT activities to introduce Fry Words. I designed it because my guided reading tutoring program heavily focuses on sight words and having our students interact with them. Because of the format, I thought this would be an activity that would increase students exposure to the words and that they have fun while doing it.

The first page has students work on Word Identification and Spelling Activities through two of the activities below: 
9 different activities: 
-Word Search
-Word Pyramids
-Graph Words
-Secret Code
-Color Shapes By Word
-Missing Letters, Scrambled Words
-Write The Words
-Write Words Alphabetically

The second page activities is the same for all the sets of materials and features Read and Write Activities. Students will:
Read Words, Read Sentences, Copy Sentences, and Create Sentences. 

Students have to read all of the words three times before they can move on. They like to race to finish reading or see who can read them all correctly in the allotted time. They then read sentences in the same fashion. Students then rewrite the given sentences for handwriting practice and then create their own unique sentences.

It has been super effective in my program. Students like the different activities they can do every day to learn more about the words and interact with them.

Students working on the Fry Word Student Skill Sheets. The one picture above is from the First 100 words. Those sheets stay the same to support them as they learn the first hundred words. 
Enter the Raffle below or click here to buy your own copy :)


  1. Love the repeated exposure the students get, plus they will think it is fun!

  2. What a great product! Thank you so much for participating.


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