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Teacher Feature Tuesday featuring Kovescence of the Mind

Happy Tuesday and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! 
So happy to feature a great teacher Sarah from the Kovescence of the Mind
I have seen her blogging and activity for the past couple of weeks, and can attest to her amazingness. I am excited to participate in her summer book club on reciprocal teaching.

How long have you been TPT'ing?

November 2009

What is your most helpful advice for new TPT'ers?

Have great freebies out there. This ways people can get to know your work. This will build a client base for you.

What is your most helpful advice for new teachers?

Create one awesome lesson per class or subject every week. The rest of the week survive. It is okay to not have every lesson for every class or every subject be the best ever. Then next year add another-two rocking lessons a week. By the time you get to year 5 you will have some awesome lessons and activities. It takes time, so let yourself have that time

Additional tips?

Use the technology that we have available to use in order to make your life easier in the long run. I am a huge fan of using as little paper as possible. I want the students to do the work. If I am exhausted at the end of the day, the students didn't do enough of the work.

Good News Below! 

1. Good News
She has an amazing resource for grouping students with the Rainbow Desks Labels for grouping , Having the students get into groups is one of the hardest things to do. You can have them do even and odd numbers, vowels and consonants, or the numbers. It comes in multiple colors for the complete set.
2. Even Better News
Her store is 20% for the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale for the next two days! Remember to use the coupon code Thank You.

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