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Where have I been?

I was getting married!

This summer has been a true whirlwind! I worked all summer training new teachers, attended the TPT conference in Vegas, got married, honeymooned in Jamaica, and then returned to an office move and job transition! Whooo! I am glad to finally be a Mrs. and back to focusing on my other love, creation and helping teachers :)

Below are pics from the big day!

Everyone getting down :)

Cake was DELICIOUS!!! AND FROM PUBLIX!!! Honestly, one of the best cakes I have ever had. Vanilla and Strawberry Cake with cream cheese frosting. All of our guests were amazed! It was so much better than some of the "fancy" cake we tasted. (Bonus: Since it was from publix, I can go anyday of the week and get a slice of my wedding cake for  a special treat!)

Bridesmaids Love :)

Mr. and his Mom 

Us and our family

Our little family

Daddy and Papaya


Mr. and his Sister

Dad and I

Beautiful Bouquets

Nephew and I

Now, we should be back to our regular schedule!

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