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January Pinterest Pick 3

To help you gear up for the second semester, here are 3 great Pinterest projects/activities to try!

Today, I am linking up with the Inspired Owl for this January's Pick 3 to share 3 great finds to help get the second half of the school year started right!

My first pick is an absolute treasure from my friend Latoya Reed at Flying into First Grade. She JUST created this cute freebie to help students have a deeper understanding of Martin Luther King Jr. I love that this trifold is packed with information and is only on ONE page! Genius I tell you! :)

Okay Okay. I know I should have only picked one Pinterest favorite but I decided to stick with a penguin theme instead. Below are 3 cute Penguin themed freebies to try in your classroom.

Number 1 is a Cute Penguin Close Read from Little Minds at Work. This would make a wonderful addition to your guided reading centers or reading centers.
Kindergarten Close Read
Number 2 is free calendar pieces from The Classroom Creative. In addition to being great calendar pieces, I would also use these in my math centers for counting activities. Students select one of the pieces and show the corresponding number of objects. 

Finally, Number 3 is Penguin Math Freebie from Smiling and Shining in Second Grade.
These sheets are perfect for second and third graders working with 3 digit addition. I already have them saved to add to homework packets for the kids. I love these activities because I made a Penguin Place Value Game last year that would work well with this. Click Here to have multiple activities to try!

The final pick is this cute Snapshots of Winter activity from Aimee VanMiddlesworth

This cute freebie  has different Polaroid scenes for your students to fill in and describe their break. This would make a wonderful bell ringer, creative writing, or center activity for your students to share. I love to do closing circle at the send of the day. Having them share their snapshots would be an excellent way to build classroom culture and community and for the whole classroom to learn more about each other. 


  1. You shared some fabulous freebies! Your blog is precious! Thanks for linking up with us!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments! :)
      Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. The Martin Luther King Jr. trifold looks awesome! So much information in a simple and cute format. I am going to have to include that in my plans for January for sure! Thanks for sharing.
    The Chalkboard Garden

    1. I'm so glad you found it useful! I loved its simplicity too!

  3. I agree with Kayla. I too like the Martin Luther King Jr. booklet. That would be a great way for kids to learn about him.
    Second In Line


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