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Tackling the Test: Meaningful Review

Help students prep for state testing with these meaningful test prep review ideas

Once you have the objectives selected, let the fun of the review begin. Keeping reading for some of my favorite test time review activities.

Channel the testers: Instead of being passive takers of the test, empower your students by having them create additional questions to assess themselves and their classmates on that objective.
-Give the question and have the students come up with possible ABCD answers. Discuss how someone could come to an incorrect number or what mistakes they might make to get that answer.

Tricky testers: Tell the students that the testers always try to trick students with almost right answers to determine which kids "know" the answer. Have students analyze the given answers and decide how the tester was trying to trick them.

Analyze Data: Have students chart their progress from the pre-post assessment. Ideally, this is something you have been looking at all year, but many trackers could help students understanding of their skill specific ability and help their sense of growth mindset.

Help students prep for state testing with these test prep review ideas

Bottle Toss: This is a new addition to the list! I love this idea from Erintegration. It incorporates bottle tossing and correct answers.

This might be more appropriate for older learners. It might great to make adaptations by having students toss balls or bean bags to particular targets based on their answers.

What other meaningful test review ideas do you have? Please share below!

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