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4 Books to teach Elementary Students about the Fourth of July

Four texts to help students learn more about Independence Day!


Teaching Idea Tuesday: Reading Record Rings - FREEBIE

Time to share another teaching idea with Teach Junkie!

Introducing Reading Record Rings!!!

I created these fun bookmarks for reading comprehension!

Wait! Isn't it more than just a bookmark? Of course it is.

Students can keep a record of the books they read. After they complete it, they add it to their ring of books they have read. 

It has a reading record for a non-fiction text, 2 fiction texts, and one for keeping track of the number of pages read.

After making it, I realized how much simpler it would be if I simply put four to a page to make it easier to select the one you need.

Best of all, IT'S FREE!!!

Click to get the Love !!! 

I hope you enjoy!

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