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Teacher Feature Tuesday featuring Krista Miglorie

So excited to feature Krista Miglorie from Lil' Sprouts Pre-K!!!

1. How long have you been TPT'ing?

About 8 months and loving it!!

2. What's is your most helpful advice for new TPTers?

You won't make millions over night! :) Have patience, put out high quality products that you are proud of, and spend time on your logo and product covers. People buy with their eyes first, and the content second.

3. What is your most helpful advice for beginning teachers?

Collaborate with your coworkers, especially those that have similar teaching styles. What works for them will probably work for you too!

Any additional tips?

The TPT community is AWESOME! When you need help or want to boost sales, check out the forum. You'll become even more addicted to TPT! :)

If You Like Awesomeness, Keep Reading Below!

I love sight word activities and this is one of the best ones I've seen yet. I love the multiple opportunities to have students recognize words and increase their word knowledge.


Fry's Sight Words Freebie!

Students love playing games. I love students learning from games. I love it so much that I created Fry Words Vocabulary Warm Up Folders, which are designed to help struggling readers master their sight words through small group tutoring and game play. In the non-profit I work for, many of the students read below their grade level and struggle with word recognition. I developed these materials as a way to supplement my program's resources, create continued accountability into which words students know, and to share resources with others who have students with the same struggles.

Below is an example of what the FREE sample looks like.

This folder contains:
o        1 lists of Fry Materials (words 1-25)
o      A list of 25 vocabulary words from Fry’s Word List per folder
o        A specific game with the words for that level
o        Student test page of the 25 words
o        Pre-Test/Post-Test and Assessment sheets of the 25 words
o        Blank activity cards in page protectors to be used with dry erase markers
o        5 pages of the vocabulary focus words of the week with example sentences

The best part of the files are the games! Each game is tailored to the specific words of the level. So not only do you get materials to print to assess student mastery, but you also get games that students can use to reinforce their thinking.

Classroom Use Ideas
o        Remediation
o        Guided Reading Centers
o        Vocabulary Centers

o        Partner Work

Below is an example of the wonderful games you can play

The only thing you need to play are game pieces and some may require the use of a die.

If you like what you see, head over to my store for the FREE sample of Fry Words. I know you'll be glad you did. :)

As always, let me know what you think and if you found it to be helpful!

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