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2016 Goals and Objectives

Hi Teacher Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday, filled with rest and relaxation before returning to the classroom on Monday.  I had lots of rest and even more reflection as I link up with with Schroeder Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners to discuss plans and goals for the new year. 

My one little word is "Refine". I talked a bit about this yesterday and how I want to refine small elements of my life to make improvements. The following post is not to make grand statements or resolutions, but to instead put my aims out into the universe and remind myself what I am working for, and what I am striving to achieve. In order to scale and increase my impact and my support of teachers, I have to do what I do well. Thus, I am applying the word refine to how I create, learn, and collaborate with others in 2016. 

Setting your vision and planning for 2015

Ready to make a resolution? I'm not. As 2014 comes to an end, I'm thinking about all the wonderful things that happened this year. I have to say 2014 is the best year yet as my daughter entered the world and changed my life.

This year, I am going to avoid the disappointment and dejection of January 12th rolling around and I have yet again, failed to stick to resolutions.

As the new year comes in, the only promise I can make is to be the best me I can be.

1. Meditate and think about what I truly want for myself.

2. Meditate and think about what I want for others in my life.

3. Backwards plan those things in action oriented goals. 

Setting Your Plan for the New Year

I took this course in October and it has really changed the way I prioritize and set goals for myself, my family and my business. 

This course emphasized being purposeful in your planning and planning action oriented tasks. Best of all, it is FREE and goes at your own pace. I have been recommending this course to all of my teacher friends and it has really made a difference in their lives. 

I modified one of the sheets to accomodate my lifestyle. Since then, I have been setting goals in manageable bite size pieces to complete my tasks. Below is an example of my week planning. 
Click below for the FREE template to kick your year off right by first changing your mindsets and then your to-do list. 

I think planning ahead and being purposeful is the true key to making a change in your life. The first step is making up your mind to do something different. Take the course, make a plan, change your life.

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