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Currently January 2016: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I am linking up with Oh Boy! Farley to ring in the new year!

This year has already gotten off to a most auspicious start! It began with family, friends, and focus, currently the core of of my life :).


Today was family day and we all watched Hitman 47. I love action movies so it was right up my alley. Even though the plot erred on the thin/weak side, the action sequences more than made up for it. The critics gave it poor ratings, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. What do critics know anyways? Some of the most top rated movies deserve great big Fs in my book. As far as Hitman goes, I would happily watch it again when it comes on regular cable.


I am currently loving love as I was blessed to be in my friend/sister/LS's wedding to bring in the new year. It was a beautiful day and ceremony and I am so happy for her and her groom.


After all the guests, traveling, and wedding shenanigans, it will be nice to break from all the holiday frivolity and return my regularly programmed schedule. I am looking forward to the next few days of rest and relaxation before returning to work next week.


Between work, parenting, and developing Knowledge Mobile, I find there is little time to do it all and do it well and still have time for self care. To help focus, I started reading Getting Things Done Book by David Allen and reading articles by James Clear about organization and time management and found that I needed a new way of processing all of the things I have to do so that I am able to do the things I want to do. I found Trello and I love it. I'll be sure to give you all the details in a later post.


Another trip around the sun always prompts us to think about past, present, and future. What have we done with the time that we have been given and what can we do with time not yet promised. We think on our successes, but more often than not, we focus more on our failures. The things we didn't do, the person we didn't become, and the weight we didn't lose. We make resolutions to be a better person, to do bigger things, and have a better life. Instead of resolutions, my little word for the year will be "Refine". The definition, according to is to "improve (something) by making small changes, in particular make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate." I don't want to be a new person. I like who am. I think refining is much more accurate of what I want to do and what I will accomplish.

Make sure to link up with Farley to share what you are currently up to this new year!

Happy New Year and Happy Teaching!


  1. What a great way to start a new year, celebrating a wedding and love. It sounds like you have a great start to 2016.

  2. I love refine! Refine what is going well . . . take a different perspective. Perfect! Enjoy your next few days of relaxing! The Techie Playground


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