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2016 Goals and Objectives

Hi Teacher Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday, filled with rest and relaxation before returning to the classroom on Monday.  I had lots of rest and even more reflection as I link up with with Schroeder Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners to discuss plans and goals for the new year. 

My one little word is "Refine". I talked a bit about this yesterday and how I want to refine small elements of my life to make improvements. The following post is not to make grand statements or resolutions, but to instead put my aims out into the universe and remind myself what I am working for, and what I am striving to achieve. In order to scale and increase my impact and my support of teachers, I have to do what I do well. Thus, I am applying the word refine to how I create, learn, and collaborate with others in 2016. 

Plans and Goals:

1. Create

As a teacherpreneur, everything about my business depends on my level of creation and creativity. If I don't have meaningful content and creations, I have a hobby, not a business. I know that my purpose is to make materials that make teachers' lives easier and that lead to academic achievement for students. I vividly remember the stress and frustration of trying to do my job and teacher 7 different subjects a day, thoroughly and differentiated to the needs of my students. As 2016 kicks off, I have to keep creation at the forefront of my mind. I have begun to refine my creation process further and will be sharing that with you later early next week!

2. Learn

This past year has been a complete journey. I started actively selling and creating in August 2014 during maternity leave with my daughter and I have grown so much as a curriculum designer, teacher coach, and entrepreneur. I have learned a lot of shortcuts and methods that have increased my product time, met other wonderful teacherpreneurs, and learned a lot about myself as a person. I want to continue to learn and refine my skills of creation, learn more about social media platforms such as Instagram and Periscope, and learn more about my audience so that I can serve them better. I have a vision of what Knowledge Mobile can be and do for teachers and teaching, and I have to continue to learn and refine my skills in order to let it happen to be prepared for its full realization.  

3. Collaborate

My third area of growth would be collaboration. I can't do it all on my own. As an example, in the very beginning, I would spend hours trying to create my own clipart when it was much more worth my time to pay the price for quality clip art for a consistent look for all of my materials. I only learned that it was worth my time from reading other's blogs and learning from the seller's forum. This year, I plan on participating more on the forums, encouraging other new sellers, attending meetups and promoting the works of others. I am really looking forward to a meetup in January with other sellers whose work I love and who I admire. I am blessed to be a part of a wonderful community of individuals who are dedicated to helping our teachers and our students. 

In closing, as I continue to grow and learn, I am continuing to refine myself and my work. I am lucky to do what I love and I will refine to be the best at what I do. 

Be sure to link up and share all of your plans and goals too!

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