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Wordium: A sight word review game your students will love!!!

Do you have a Wordium? I bet you don't because it's a brand new game created to help reinforce students mastery of Fry's 1000 sight words.

Wordium is an interactive game designed to reinforce students word recognition and spelling skills of Fry's 1000 words.

A sight word game for up to six players.

Objective: To reinforce students mastery of Fry’s Sight Words

Goal: The first player to complete their Wordium card wins.

-Cut out the individual player cards. Players will use these cards to keep track of their wordiums.
-Cut out all of the wordium game cards and place on designated spaces.
-To minimize cheating, designate a special marker or stamp to mark wordiums.

-The player will the highest roll should go first.
-Each player should roll the dice to determine which card to pull.
-Play continues until one player has marked off all the available spaces on their wordium card.

Feel free to use this activity with guided reading centers, individual work, small group tutoring or remediation. Students love this game and it offers constant reinforcement of sight word mastery.

I hope your students love this mastery game as much as mine do. Check out my TPT and Teacher's notebook stores to see more Wordium Games and Fry Words aligned materials.

A super bundle of ALL FOUR LEVELS of the Wordium for the whole group :)
Wordium Super Bundle!!!! 
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Game Pack Bundle - Level 1

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