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You Oughta Know May!


You Oughta Know About Rotating TPT Banners!!!

Happy Saturday! This week, I am featuring rotating banners from Shelley Tomish from Pitch Clips! I hadn;t seen them before I viewed her store and I thought they were great and I hope you do too!

Two weeks ago, I came across a seller promoting her store Pitch Clips on the facebook group TPT Connections (click the link to join if you haven't already). I went over to check out her site and lo and behold! She had rotating banners. (Go ahead and look and come right back! I'll wait :) )It was the first time that I had come across that feature on a TPT store. As someone who JUST figured out how to place an image in my TPT banner, I was literally blown away.

 I reached back out to Shelley, the wonderful owner of Pitch Clips, telling her how great her rotating banners were. A few days later, she shared in the same post a tutorial for how to create your own rotating banners! It was so nice that she would share and add to the TPT community of knowledge.

Click below to follow her tutorial below and then come back to join the blog hop for even more tips for you!

Her tutorial is so clear and concise! I can't wait to start planning to create my own next week!

Now, Hop on over to these other great blogs for things You Oughta Know!


New Bags and Cards!

So excited to get home today and find my order from Vistaprint. Vistaprint was honestly amazing in all of the options that I had and the additional items that I could order. I bought 500 cards and a brand new bag with my logo.Since I updated my blog, I wanted to get new cards to match the look. Below is my card, good and serviceable.

My old card
 My old card felt very drab.  Although it went with my old theme, I didn't feel like it spoke to the essence of what I was trying to accomplish. Below is the back.

My original store name was Knowledge Mobile (like the car). I blogged about how I cam up with the name before. Suffice it to say, I have since reimagined the name for Mobile (like a phone or being mobile) to better represent the present and the presence of technology.

And now for the new card....

Drum Roll Please.....

 I'm in love with these cards! I loved the bright pink color and the huge hello at the top! I can't wait to start giving these out. 

I am also super excited about my bag. My Knowledge Mobile stuff is everywhere. Honestly everywhere. On the floor, the table, and divided between my three different bags. I'm pretty sure there is even a to do list somewhere in Papaya's diaper bag. I'm just excited to have a place to keep everything together. 

 If you don't have cards yet, or this FABULOUS bag, head on over to vistaprint!
Happy early Valentine's Day! 


Floating Facebook Button

I saw it every where. I wanted it bad. But did I want to pay for it....not so much.

Every blog I have been visiting lately has the floating Facebook log widget advertising their Facebook page.

Being a newly minted page, I wanted the cool widget for myself. The only thing is is that I don't code, don't know anyone who codes, and didn't want to wait to get on a wait list for a professional. (I'm impatient that way).

Thanks to the magic of Google, I was able to find a wonderful link to the html code from the Blog Widgets,

It took three tries to get everything set up. The main hang up in the code is knowing where to insert my code for my Facebook. The post includes the exact code to search for, so make sure you are looking closely! I couldn't find it at first. 

As for other issues, I then had to add a the html code for the JQuery.  (As if I know what that is! I just know I copy and paste really good lol). I did find I had to do a bit of coding </script> to make the JQuery work.

Anyhoo, I am loving my little widget and feeling extra proud of myself for being able to design this blog by myself, with loads of help from other tuts and blog posts. **Pat self on back**


Blog Design: Creating My Header

I was ready to do it. I was about to go ahead and pay for my blog redesign.

Going rates were anywhere from 100 to 150 for the custom headers and blog buttons. My co-worker mentioned to me that I am always making things, that she was surprised I wasn't doing it myself. I thought, "Hmm, why AREN'T I doing this myself?"

With that, I promptly began looking up how to deign your own blog header. In my search, I stumbled across a wonderful article by Something Swanky.

After reading the article and following her instructions, I joined picmonkey and was on my way to design my new header. 

I knew I wanted something bright, colorful, and that had arrows.  After playing around with the sodtware for a few hours (and I mean until 3 in the morning), I created an image that I was happy with.

After creating the image, the next challenge was creating the image maps to create the correct links to my work. Before this, I had never heard of image maps and the process of linking bits of an image to an actual link address. 

Once you get the hang of it, this was too easy. The key thing to remember is to know the pixels of your image. I ran into trouble when I adjusted the widths at the top of my blog and the links wouldn't go to the correct page.

After much trial and error, (at 3 am, mind you) I finally had the header and blog that I was proud of. While I have no problem paying people for their talents, I really appreciated learning how to do this for myself and adding a new skill to my toolkit. I might go ahead have the professional design later down the line, but right now, I'm happy :)

If you aren't so happy with your blog designs, head on over to Something Swanky to learn how put those images together. 


Season's Greetings: My first graphics!!!

I love that I am finally learning how to use adobe illustrator! Last year, my honey bunny bought a 12 month subscription for the service. Knowing myself and my busy schedule, I would have activated it and let the year go by without every really using it.

For over $200, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to use it. 

After watching hours of tutorials and using the free trial, I finally activated it. One of my first projects was to create Christmas ornaments in order to prepare for the holiday season. 

I just love how they turned out! I had to go beyond green and red and incorporate my favorite bright blue and pink. When I was designing them,  I wanted to make them big enough to place math problems on and the corresponding answer. I will probably putting that on my to do list to create for next Christmas.

Any hoo, I loved making them and I hope you like them too!

Below is the link to the item in my store!


First Friday Freebie!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

 Because caring is sharing, I am giving this cute red circle border away to celebrate the first Friday of the month! I love learning how to design my own graphics and I am glad you can share in my learning!

Click the link below to keep it for your very own!


Friday Freebie: Christmas Border

So excited to do my first Linky Party with The Teacher Librarian!

I love figuring out ways to save money, namely figuring out how to put dots into my borders to make my products more festive. Click on the frame to get yours!

May it make your borders merry and bright!

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