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Gobble Gobble!!! An Interactive Three Digit Addition Game

Are your kids having a carrying crisis? My kiddies were having trouble with repeated addition, specifically knowing when to carry. I was having trouble determining where their learning was breaking down. To help cope with my current math madness, I created Gobble Gobble, a game that focuses on 3 digit addition.

Check out the cute game cards below. I love that I can choose which ones I give to students. The pages focus on adding and regrouping. 

My favorite part of the game is the constructed response pages and rubric. On our state test, there are constructed response sections where students have to show their work. I wanted the kids to focus on providing clear, logical answers as well as demonstrating their thinking. I also added a couple of worksheet pages just to help my students with their skills.

 Now y'all know I am game crazy! My kids are being drilled to death with worksheets and multiple choice skill packets. While they're helpful, my job is to build their skills through fun, especially since I am asking them to do more school after school. Because my group can be different sizes, I added a 2 player and 6 player game version so that different group sizes can play.

I love love love this turkey themed unit. If it could work in your classroom, follow the link below to check it out :)

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