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Season's Greetings: My first graphics!!!

I love that I am finally learning how to use adobe illustrator! Last year, my honey bunny bought a 12 month subscription for the service. Knowing myself and my busy schedule, I would have activated it and let the year go by without every really using it.

For over $200, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to use it. 

After watching hours of tutorials and using the free trial, I finally activated it. One of my first projects was to create Christmas ornaments in order to prepare for the holiday season. 

I just love how they turned out! I had to go beyond green and red and incorporate my favorite bright blue and pink. When I was designing them,  I wanted to make them big enough to place math problems on and the corresponding answer. I will probably putting that on my to do list to create for next Christmas.

Any hoo, I loved making them and I hope you like them too!

Below is the link to the item in my store!

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