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Five for Friday: Feeling Productive!

I love Friday! So glad to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching to celebrate the end of another glorious week!

 My Papaya as always!
Look who has a new tooth coming in! That's two :)

I completed my latest blog post on how I organize my planning for my TPT units. It was certainly an undertaking with all of the pictures, links, posting to pinterest, and formatting, but overall I'm happy with it. I felt like I was stepping out on faith to use my blog to better support teachers in the classroom. I almost let fear and doubt creep in, but my faith and deep belief that supporting teachers is my purpose on Earth, I went ahead and pressed post :).

I'm so happy I finished this freebie of reading comprehension rings! Everyone loved them so I just wanted to share #happydance :)

I also love Fridays because I can plan for my next units. Sigh #love. Moving on from Fry words on to Middle School Vocab. I really know creating games and activities is where my passion and purpose align.

It's Watchathon Week! 

This will probably hamper my productivity but I refuse to let it. I intend to watch Forever, Grimm, and Dig all day as I work. I have a conference for my summer teaching job all weekend, so this is my one opportunity to work/loaf/work in that order :)

How is your Friday?

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  1. What a cutie with those two teeth! Adorable. I used to watch Grimm. Work-loaf-work sounds like a good plan to me! Kathleen
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