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Five for Friday: An Orange Tree

Happy Friday! Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

 Of course Papaya! :)
After church, we went to the farmer's market and found the most beautiful gardens!

We bought an orange tree and two strawberry plants!!! Makes a welcome addition to my blueberry bush and onion plant :) 

I have the best sweetie ever. He ran to the store to pick up formula for Papaya and asked me what I needed. I mentioned razors but said I would go myself later in the week and pick up some other things. He said okay and then headed to the store.
He came back with this!!! 

The correct package and colors lol. My honey is very observant and considerate! It really is the smallest things that count :)

Going to see a play with my coworker. I plan on taking Papaya so it should be interesting :)

I finally finished uploading my Fry Word Units! Time to find my next project!

And Now the Friday Freebie! I made these sheets a few months ago as a part of a spy themed place value unit for our kids. Thought I would share!

 Click to Download the Freebie!

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