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Stop, Swap, and Roll: Bloom's for Younger Readers by Learning to be Awesome

Happy Saturday! I am so happy to link up with Jungle Learners for this months Stop, Swap, and Roll!

 I loved partnering with Learning to be Awesome! She is linked up all the way from New Zealand!

Learning to be Awesome

I was so happy to review this fabulous set of cards!

I really how well the cards incorporated Bloom's Taxonomy. As I have been working with this after school program, I have noticed how much my students need to engage with text through the use of meaningful questions. I am always encouraging our tutors to ask open ended questions that will put more of the cognitive load on the students. I have given them sheets, sample questions, and modeled lessons with mixed results. They take to it well at first, but without continuous support, some tutors in the past slipped back into their old habits. Enter these cards!

I also loved her color coding of the cards! When I printed them originally, they fit four to a page and were the perfect size to add to my teacher kit.
They were so great when planning the lesson and selecting which cards I would be using. She included an asterisk on all of the cards that needed more prep. So helpful!

Below is a picture of the student cards I made. I wanted students to be able to use the cards BUT I didn't have enough card stock  or ink to make a set for each one of the kids. Instead, I printed them on colored card stock and fit 4 pages on 1 page. All I had to do then was cut them out, hole punch them, and place them on a ring (my favorite teacher item!).

I loved, loved, loved this swap! One of my site coordinators loved how cute they were and how the students got to choose what questions they answered. I would have the students answer a question from each set of blooms to fully test their comprehension.

Follow the link below to get a FREE copy of these cards!

2nd Grade-3rd Grade

Code for 4th-5th Grade


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