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Thursday Tips for Teachers: Using Websites to Shorten Your Creation Time!

Happy Thursday! Just wanted to share a quick creation tip that has saved me MOUNDS of time.

Secret Codes

When I first made secret codes for my Middle School Vocabulary Unit, I did them all by hand. This website was fundamental to speeding up my creation time. I was able to create codes of my choice (a simple subsitution) and the website just spit out the code. Many, many, many brain cells saved. :)

Fill In for Word Searches

While I know there are websites and applications to create word searches, I like to hide my words multiple times to increase the challenge for students. I still haven't found the app for that. Instead, I hide all of the words myself and then use a random word generator to fill in the additional words. When I just type random letters, I got a lot of x, y, and t's so the words would stick out. Having the lists of random words, allows me to power down my brain as I type in the random words to fill in the puzzle.

Scrambled Letters

When I worked on my Journey's Third Grade Spelling Unit, it literally took me a month to make all of the activities. All of the words scrambles drain so much of my brain energy as I had to scramble the words randomly, and then they were truly random. I discovered when working on my Middle School Vocabulary Unit and My Fry Word Units, that I could use a website to scramble the words for me. it was so much faster and efficient. The best part is that the letters are truly scrambled to the point where I have to think hard about what word it is. All I had to do was fill in the template that I talked about in earlier post, and I was able to scramble all 20 sets of words in less than an hour. Talk about a time saver.

I hope this helps you as you begin creating your own units and thinking about the different activities!


  1. what neat time saving ideas!!! I am always looking for ways to save time!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to explore this and see how it works this weekend! Also thank you for you comments today about starting my own blog! I really appreciate it!


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