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Splish-Splash It's a Summer Time Bash!

One of the best things about working in education, besides the kids and the wonderful people I get to work with, is SUMMER VACATION! I love having 8 weeks to reflect, revise, and rejuvenate before the start of another year. Many people think teachers don't work as hard because we have the summers off, but without those summer breaks, you wouldn't have the time to think of new activities, units, or find opportunities to collaborate with other teachers.

Upcoming things this summer:

1) TFA Summer Institute

For the past fours years, I have spent my summer working to develop new teachers. I absolutely love it. Many people do have issues with alternative certification programs, I know they play an important role in education today. Where I taught in Arkansas, there were few teachers who would come to our little rural corner. In fact, when we didn't have TFA teachers, there would be long term subs in classrooms. Because I know it can be better, for the new teachers and for their students, I work with the new teachers to incorporate culturally responsive teaching practices as well as strategies to develop relationships with their students and their colleagues. I am excited to see how institute will turn out this year.

2) TPT Conference

SO EXCITED TO GO TO VEGAS!!!! I seriously cannot wait to go to Vegas with my sweetie and meet all of the wonderful people that I follow and that I have worked with over the last year. I truly love the TPT community and its focus on teachers and their needs. I know it will be a jam packed 2 days, but I am ready to learn. We are still finalizing all the details, but it is getting closer! YAY!

3) My Wedding!

Last but not least, MY WEDDING! It's crazy my wedding is so close! Nerve wrecking and nausea inducingly close. This has/will be one of the busiest summers of my life between work, business, and personal. I'm just glad I have a supportive family that has stepped up to help me with the finer details. All I can do is stay calm and know that as long as I have Sam, that everything will be okay on that day.  Well, Sam and cake. Err...Sam, cake, and deviled eggs. Fine. Sam, cake, deviled eggs, and wine. There. That would be the perfect day :)

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