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New Bags and Cards!

So excited to get home today and find my order from Vistaprint. Vistaprint was honestly amazing in all of the options that I had and the additional items that I could order. I bought 500 cards and a brand new bag with my logo.Since I updated my blog, I wanted to get new cards to match the look. Below is my card, good and serviceable.

My old card
 My old card felt very drab.  Although it went with my old theme, I didn't feel like it spoke to the essence of what I was trying to accomplish. Below is the back.

My original store name was Knowledge Mobile (like the car). I blogged about how I cam up with the name before. Suffice it to say, I have since reimagined the name for Mobile (like a phone or being mobile) to better represent the present and the presence of technology.

And now for the new card....

Drum Roll Please.....

 I'm in love with these cards! I loved the bright pink color and the huge hello at the top! I can't wait to start giving these out. 

I am also super excited about my bag. My Knowledge Mobile stuff is everywhere. Honestly everywhere. On the floor, the table, and divided between my three different bags. I'm pretty sure there is even a to do list somewhere in Papaya's diaper bag. I'm just excited to have a place to keep everything together. 

 If you don't have cards yet, or this FABULOUS bag, head on over to vistaprint!
Happy early Valentine's Day! 

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