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It's April! Time for the sun and flowers! I love Spring. It is so refreshing to see the sun and the renewing of life. It's definitely time to begin hanging out with friends and getting outside. Unfortunately, April comes with lots of April showers, so as much as I want to take Papaya outside, she will not be a happy camper after getting soaked in the rain lol.

As far as EGGS-plain my name, I talked about it at length in an earlier post, but the short version is the Book Mobile would bring my mom books every month when she was growing up. She always linked that to her success in life. I want to share knowledge to empower others and make teaching and working with students easier. In light of it being 2015, I wanted to make KNOWLEDGE MOBILE with Knowledge Mobile to share with others. (See what I did there?lol)

Happy April!


  1. I love the meaning behind your name - so powerful and what a great inspiration your Mum has obviously been due to her gaining of knowledge from the Book Mobile :) Super to meet you through the Currently linky & hopefully you'll come and visit my blog now? Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. Hey there, Brionni! Very neat name. I am totally with you on scheduling time with friends. It's an urgent need!

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