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Floating Facebook Button

I saw it every where. I wanted it bad. But did I want to pay for it....not so much.

Every blog I have been visiting lately has the floating Facebook log widget advertising their Facebook page.

Being a newly minted page, I wanted the cool widget for myself. The only thing is is that I don't code, don't know anyone who codes, and didn't want to wait to get on a wait list for a professional. (I'm impatient that way).

Thanks to the magic of Google, I was able to find a wonderful link to the html code from the Blog Widgets,

It took three tries to get everything set up. The main hang up in the code is knowing where to insert my code for my Facebook. The post includes the exact code to search for, so make sure you are looking closely! I couldn't find it at first. 

As for other issues, I then had to add a the html code for the JQuery.  (As if I know what that is! I just know I copy and paste really good lol). I did find I had to do a bit of coding </script> to make the JQuery work.

Anyhoo, I am loving my little widget and feeling extra proud of myself for being able to design this blog by myself, with loads of help from other tuts and blog posts. **Pat self on back**

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