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Teacher Feature Tuesdays featuring CAROL POLSTON!

I'm so excited for this week's Teacher Feature. I put a listing on the seller's forum for Round 2 of wonderful teachers and had such an amazing response.

This week, our Teacher Feature is 

Carol Polston from The Chocolate Teacher

Read more about her at

She kindly took the time to share a bit about her experiences with Teachers Pay Teachers and teaching.

1. How long have you been TPT'ing?

9 months

2. What is your most helpful advice for new TPT'ers?

Take your time. Make quality products. Use high quality clip art. Make what you'll use in your own classroom.

3. What is your most helpful advice for beginning teachers?

Lean on other teachers that have taught for awhile. Use TPT! Follow some blogs for the grade level you teach for ideas, etc.

Featured Product

If you are in need of phonics activities, please look through her site! She has such great word work activities! While you are there, be sure  check out her unit on prepositions.  Her content is simply amazing.

Make sure to drop by her blog for her wonderful teacher tips and products! I'm so glad that she shared her tips. 

If you would like to be featured on a Teacher Feature Tuesday, simply fill out the link below!

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